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@  cointurtlemoose : (08 September 2015 - 01:17 AM) aaaah, thanks jorge
@  jorgeaam : (08 September 2015 - 12:21 AM) Love it how Hinkie and Morey always target the same players, but hoping he isn't another Covington
@  thejohnnygold : (08 September 2015 - 12:03 AM) Christian Wood has signed with Philly
@  jorgeaam : (07 September 2015 - 10:32 PM) If I'm not wrong, he hasn't been waived yet, they have until october 4th to do that
@  cointurtlemoose : (07 September 2015 - 05:39 PM) Anyone else surprised that Kostas hasn't gotten picked up by anyone yet? I wanna see that guy play somewhere
@  redfaithful : (05 September 2015 - 10:48 PM) Llull line from today loss to Serbia: 30MIN 1-10PG, 0-5 3PG, 4-4FT 6AST, 1TO, 4REB, +/- -11
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:27 AM) this dude's gun fired and all he got a misdemeanor at bush lol: http://abc13.com/new...ush-iah/815795/
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:26 AM) theres more articles all over, but the jist is houston (and texas) doesn't really arrest for it, they just recommend you leave it in your car when they catch it. So seems dwight got lucky he was in texas and not cali or the NE.
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:22 AM) honestly we should just be glad they caught it...
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 02:21 AM) response: http://nymag.com/dai...n_airplane.html
@  Losthief : (03 September 2015 - 01:42 AM) one bullet left in the chamber is diff than fully loaded and ready to go. Still stupid...but not like he was prepared for a shooting spree.
@  jorgeaam : (02 September 2015 - 09:33 PM) http://www.tmz.com/2...t-get-arrested/
@  jorgeaam : (02 September 2015 - 09:33 PM) So according to TMZ (I know, I know) Dwight Howard had an incident last month in which he took a loaded gun into an airport, but he was allowed to give it to a friend to take it back and wasn't arrested.
@  jorgeaam : (31 August 2015 - 10:45 PM) The Los Angeles Rockets, lol
@  redfaithful : (31 August 2015 - 09:51 PM) Seems that Chuck is also on his way to the Clippers.
@  slick shoes : (24 August 2015 - 06:14 PM) ill just leave this here...
@  slick shoes : (24 August 2015 - 06:14 PM) http://www.timeandda...04&font=cursive
@  timetodienow... : (21 August 2015 - 07:20 PM) At least in my opinion.
@  timetodienow... : (21 August 2015 - 07:20 PM) I love having Terry. But the main factor was that New Orleans will NOT compete for a championship this year and the Rockets will.
@  jorgeaam : (21 August 2015 - 03:57 AM) Things that make me like the JET even more


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#45679 Give 'em the D!

Posted by thejohnnygold on 27 November 2014 - 06:10 AM

I'm not done yet...thank goodness other Rockets fans are good at this internet business.


Another awesome D-Mo assist


Since D-Mo is looking like another member of "Houston's Legacy of Bigs" lately, is it too soon to start calling him Dream-OB)

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#45677 Give 'em the D!

Posted by thejohnnygold on 27 November 2014 - 04:09 AM

Caaaaannnnnnaaaaaaaan Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!



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#45673 Give 'em the D!

Posted by thejohnnygold on 27 November 2014 - 03:52 AM



From D-fense to D-League-ers, the Rockets gave it to the Kings tonight!


Random thoughts...


D-Mo.  Holy cow, D-Mo!  I am trying to restrain my excitement, but HOLY FREAKIN' D-MO!!!!


Check out this play!


He had a few other nice passes, great post moves, solid defense, and he outplayed DeMarcus Cousins!


Then there is Isaiah Canaan....looks like somebody is ready to shed his "D-League" moniker and be considered a bona fide NBA player.  Good for him.  Good for us.  He's been playing well, but tonight was another level.




That's it, really.  I love that we won that game with defense.  I love that our lack of depth has proven to be completely false.  I love that the guys have put in the work and developed into solid players.  When we get our guys back from injury, this team is going to be trouble for the rest of the league.


Worriers, carry on with your worry.  Don't miss out on the good stuff though...we're 12-3 and some young guys are making the leap right before our eyes.  Enjoy.



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#45590 Los Angeles Lakers 98, Houston Rockets 92 - The ride never ends

Posted by thejohnnygold on 20 November 2014 - 03:49 PM

I'll agree that McHale has had better games, but let's not go full-emo around here, guys.




Glossing over the fact we are missing 2 starters--at our thinnest position, the frontline--which includes arguably the best player at his position, Dwight Howard, tells me that this is not a game recap, but a sad prose written from a sad heart because....sadness.


I don't think Canaan would have saved our bacon anymore than Daniels would have--our problem wasn't on the wings.  It was inside.  For those who didn't watch the game, you would think Jordan Hill was Chris Bosh Lite if you hadn't seen him before.  The guy was really, really good and I found myself thinking, "we should try to trade for him", somewhere in the 3rd quarter.


Wes Johnson is starting to figure out that to stay in this league he needs to become Trevor Ariza and not Kobe Bryant.  He did a good job of it last night.  We got beat.  It is ok.  It feels like we got stood up going to the prom by the ugly girl around here.  Let's put on our big boy pants, everybody.  It's going to be a long season and it's not going to be perfect--this happens every year to every team.


James Harden killed it last night and, unfortunately, had an untimely turnover late in the game (to the long arms of Johnson) which sealed our fate.  We've gotten used to him being the hero, but tonight the other guys made the play.  Harden's 6 turnovers are misleading in my book.  There were a couple of no calls and that Johnson swipe at the end which boosted those numbers.  Overall, he was 7-11 for 24 points, with 7 assists, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block.  Very, very good game.


Meanwhile, Papanikolaou is getting into the groove of things.  By season's end, I think we will have ourselves quite the difference maker.


Meanwhile, Beverley looked solid on both ends---enough so that frickin' Knickabokkaz came around to compliment him.  :o


Ariza needs to dial it back a little--feels like he is forcing things a bit rather than just letting it come naturally.  I'm sure they'll work it out.


So, for those who want to keep feeling the saddest sadness that ever saddened this sad world carry on.  We're 9-3 and, apparently, nothing short of 100% success is good enough now.  Wow.  Hey, I know what will help.  Go look at the Eastern Conference Standings (LINK) and let the gloom wash over you like a wave of mutilation.


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#45426 Dirk passes Hakeem

Posted by thejohnnygold on 12 November 2014 - 03:06 PM

Yeah I respect dirk as well but it does frustrate me when i hear comments about dirk being better than Hakeem. Just completely ignore his defense! Kind of like when you see a big man do a slow move that involves a couple fakes and claiming it to be a dream shake!  Ugh.


We will likely never hear the end of this and the more time that passes the worse it will get.  Back then, most people outside of Houston did not watch many Rockets games and certainly not many before 1993.  Everyone was too busy drooling over the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, Blazers, Suns, Jazz, Sonics, and Knicks to notice.


While the documentaries about him are good they simply can't capture that in-the-moment emotion of awe and joy when watching Hakeem play.


The reality is, when players want to improve their post game they don't go to Kareem.  They don't go to Ewing, Shaq, Laimbeer, or any of those other guys.  They go to Dream.


It's funny, I was listening to Colin Cowherd the other morning (I know, I brought this on myself) and I was floored.  He was talking about how in football guys can play a different sport their whole life and then step into football (around 17-18 or so) and become stars, but that in no other sport can that, nor has that, happened.


I seldom want to call a talk show, but I wanted to that day.  I wanted to call Cowherd and simply say, "Dream Olajuwon, you idiot!", and hang up.


Dream was a soccer (football) goalie when the scouts found him.  They convinced him to come to UH and the rest is history.  Perhaps, Cowherd's definition of star is different from mine.  Olajuwon was not much of a media darling (until the 94-95 finals teaming up with Shaq), but he was a star-caliber player almost as soon as he first suited up.  He attained legendary status around 1994, but he was a star from the get-go.


Getting back on topic, I like Dirk as a player.  Like Olajuwon, he achieved a season of perfect synergy that ended with him leading a scrappy group of guys to a championship while playing, arguably, some of the best basketball the world had ever seen.  You can't take that away from him.  I think that, as was noted above, when you account for the defense, the blocks record, the triple doubles, the passing, and everything else it goes Hakeem's way.  However, do not under-estimate the effect each had on the game.  Olajuwon changed things for sure--he showed that a little less size and a lot more speed/agility could defeat the 7' behemoths of the NBA.  In like manner, Dirk proved that a lanky 7' guy with a sweet stroke could completely neutralize the bruisers employed at PF.  The league has adjusted on both fronts--mostly....


In one regard, you could lump these guys together with Julius Erving and Magic Johnson--players who re-defined the possibilities of a position.  There have been plenty who dominated their positions throughout the brief history of the NBA, but few have expanded people's beliefs like those 4 have.  (for those considering it, LBJ gets left off because Magic already did it).  However you slice it, that is some select company.

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#45295 Beverley's future?

Posted by thejohnnygold on 07 November 2014 - 10:11 PM

Well my first attempt to embed a video on this site, and I failed miserably. It wont let me edit it now, so I apologize guys! 


In the text editor look at the upper let corner.  The 3rd icon from the left (green-ish square thingy).  Click that.  Select "media".  Enter the URL there and your done.  For some reason, certain videos won't post, but usually this will work.

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#45273 Blogtable: Harden for MVP

Posted by thejohnnygold on 07 November 2014 - 06:11 PM

Narrative: a story or account of events, experiences, or the like, whether true or fictitious.


This report REALLY has me scratching my head. I mean WTF? As an avid Red94 reader, I’ve read the various thoughts on changing the “narrative” concerning Harden and his defensive shortcomings, but to be honest I took it all with a pinch of salt until I read this. After all, the only person who can change the narrative is Harden himself, I foolishly thought.


Firstly let me preface this diatribe by saying that it is still very early days, and nothing gets proven or awarded in the first week of the season. Nonetheless!


What are these hacks paid for? Certainly not to watch basketball if these comments are any indication! I honestly don’t believe any of them has watched a single Rockets game so far, yet they all have the temerity to dismiss Hardens MVP claims based on spurious assertions.


I think you’d be hard pushed to find a single Rockets fan that hasn’t been impressed by the steps Harden has made on the defensive end so far this season. We’ve seen him enthusiastically running down opponents, blocking and rebounding as if his life depended on it and generally being defensively more engaged. FIBA really has done him the world of good.


I’m not saying he’s MVP worthy yet, but the lazy, ignorant journalism exemplified in this article shows what he is really up against if he even wants to be considered. Screw the “narrative” and make your own mind up. The good news for Rockets fans, of course, is that we get to enjoy the show as he attempts to prove his critics wrong.


Welcome to the forum, DenverRocket.  I see you share my disdain for the national media.  It is a capitalist endeavor and has become useless except to spoon feed the small-minded with their own idealogical excrement.  (is that too graphic?)  


So many writers these days are just wordsmiths who crank out story quotas and contractual obligations from the local Starbucks while trying to flirt with every girl in yoga pants that is unfortunate enough to catch their eye.  Why do research when you can maximize your popularity by regurgitating the popular opinions found on the internet right back to the internet?  It's easy money.  Ugh, I'm getting twitchy just thinking about it.   :wacko:


I try to ignore it, but curiosity gets the best of me and then I remember why I try to ignore it.   :rolleyes: 


Well, hope to see you around.  All things considered, this is a pretty good place to talk Rockets and B-Ball in general. 

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#45215 Beverley's future?

Posted by thejohnnygold on 06 November 2014 - 11:16 PM

The Thunder very well may miss the playoffs, but I will wait and see on this one.  It all depends on how their record looks at mid-season and if teams are running away at the top or if, like some have mused, the playoff cut line will be lower this year because teams are going to knock each other off more due to general strength across the conference.


As for Rahat's point, I only somewhat agree about the league being wide open.  Your points are valid; however, they are focused on the Eastern Conference.  Aside from OKC, which I will not write off until they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the Western Conference (the one that matters) is LOADED.  So what if OKC falls from grace--they will be replaced by Phoenix, an improved Denver team, or New Orleans (sorry, I'm not buying the Jazz yet).  The odds are we aren't getting the 1 seed anyways (prove me wrong Houston!), so we aren't really getting a break here.


The Clippers will figure it out.  They have too much talent to think them an afterthought plus they are built to hit us at our weakest while neutralizing our strengths.  Golden State is playing like this is a video game.  This is what they look like these days:



...a parade of shots all going in plus swarming defense and a solid bench (I had forgotten the moves they made).  They have Iguodala, David Lee, Ezeli (an athletic big), Livingston (a 6'6" PG), Barbosa, and Speights coming off the bench.  That is really darn good.


Portland, Memphis, Dallas, San Antonio....I'm sorry, but to call the league wide open I think is a misnomer.  Yes, it is wide open in that there is no telling who is going to come out of this Battle Royale, but it's not like the Eastern conference of recent years in that one dominant team can pencil itself in for the Finals.  Quite the opposite.  There are 7 teams that are legitimately eye-balling the Finals this year.  Six of them are going to be disappointed.


I think Houston would be remiss to sacrifice the future on an "all in" trade right now.  There is simply no way to guarantee a Finals berth in this conference this season.


I think this team can win the WC this year--as constructed.  Yes, it would take some heroic performances from Harden and Howard along with solid contributions from the rest, but isn't that the case for any team that makes it to the Finals?  That's how it works.  This roster fits together really well.  Nobody is being asked to do more than they can do (unlike last year) and so we are getting fantastic production from each position.


I'm willing to say goodbye to a couple of names if it nets us a solid upgrade at the 1, the 4, or on the bench.  Will anyone miss Capela?  I also agree that the Pellies pick will likely never see itself in a Rockets jersey.  What can we get for Capela, the Pellies pick and one of Bev/Jones (since ideally we are replacing one of them)?  Dragic?  Horford/Millsap?  Monroe?  Ainge has shown that Rondo's price tag exceeds that for sure or we would already have him.  Morey would probably personally drive those guys to the airport if it got us any of those names above (maybe not Monroe).


It's one thing to say, "we need to make a move", and it's another thing to make a good move.  We are limited to what's available.  We are hand-cuffed by the demands of other GM's and the salary cap.  We must be cognizant of how any change could affect the team as a whole.


This is why I believe we could see smaller moves.  Could we pry Reggie Evans away from Sacramento for Capela?  He is a proven commodity that gives opposing PF's fits, rebounds like he hasn't eaten in a week and the ball is his meal ticket, and knows his role better than anyone in the league.  Would the Rockets look at Kris Humphries?  He's decent on both ends and could shore up the bench at PF.


To reiterate, I think the big deals are few and far between and I think the ones out there are going to cost far too much without cementing us as Finals favorites.  I do think lots of teams will be looking to make tweaks that could make us stronger top to bottom without giving up much at all.


Let's all remember, plenty will happen between now and February.  For all we know, Beverley and Jones become untouchable by then....anything's possible  B)

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#45164 Post-Heat Win Article by Haberstroh (insider)

Posted by thejohnnygold on 06 November 2014 - 03:50 AM

Found a copy someone posted elsewhere.  Here ya go, folks!


Ariza, D driving Houston's hot start By Tom Haberstroh ESPN Insider

New Rockets forward Trevor Ariza has filled in seamlessly for the departed Chandler Parsons.

The question, admittedly, was a dumb one, considering who was being asked.

The Houston Rockets had just dismantled the Miami Heat in AmericanAirlines Arena on Tuesday night to become the season's first 5-0 team. After the game, I asked Rockets coach Kevin McHale if he thought that people were sleeping on his team a bit after famously getting left at the altar by Chris Bosh this summer and parting ways with Chandler Parsons, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin.

The response was classic McHale, who has long shown little tolerance for media prodding and perception.

"I don't know," McHale said, shaking his head. "I'm going to be sleeping in about 45 minutes. That's the only sleep I'm worried about."

We laughed. He continued.

"I don't know, man," McHale said. "Let me tell you something -- this is the truth, too -- I don't care what anybody thinks. Why would I care what you thought? I don't care about anything. I care about what we do in that locker room with our guys. All that caring goes away as soon as you step on that floor. Then you have to go out there and compete."

Fair enough. Point taken. Nonetheless, the Rockets understand how events unfolded this summer might have looked on the outside. They reportedly told Parsons that they'd match any offer made in restricted free agency, and then didn't. They frantically dumped Lin's contract on the Los Angeles Lakers along with a 2015 first-round pick to create cap space to sign Bosh; Bosh didn't sign. It seemed GM Daryl Morey, famously nicknamed "Dork Elvis" by Bill Simmons, had outsmarted himself.

But look at the Rockets now. They've won each of their first five games with eerily symmetrical dominance: 108-90, 104-93, 104-90, 104-93 and 108-91. They've trailed for just 12 percent of their in-game action this season, the lowest rate in the NBA. It's statistically the best five-game start in franchise history. They've outscored opponents by 71 points, the widest margin in the five instances the team has jumped out to a 5-0 record.

However, the way they're winning is more interesting than the actual record itself. The Rockets have strangled opponents on the defensive end. No one should be mapping out a parade route after limiting the Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers, but the Heat had been shredding opponents until running into Dwight Howard and Houston's revamped defense with 3-and-D specialist Trevor Ariza. The Heat scored just 36 points in the second half, even though it was the Rockets who were the ones playing on the second night of a back-to-back.

To Morey, who watched amid the sellout crowd opposite Heat president Pat Riley and Lakers legend Magic Johnson on Tuesday night, this is all according to plan. So far.

"First of all, it's really early," Morey said. "But to be a championship contender, we knew we had to become a top defense. We thought [Patrick] Beverley, Trevor [Ariza] and Dwight [Howard] would anchor a top defense, and so far, so good."

The Rockets aren't missing Parsons. Not yet anyway. The early returns are promising: Last season, the Beverley-Parsons-Howard trio averaged 103.2 points allowed every 100 possessions. This season, it's down to 90.2 points every 100 possessions with Beverley-Ariza-Howard. Not a bad start.

In Tuesday's game, Ariza shut down Dwyane Wade in the fourth quarter, holding him to 0-of-3 shooting and causing two turnovers when the Heat needed Wade's playmaking most. Pulling up for air-ball 3-pointers, Wade wanted nothing to do with Ariza's mobility and length. On one particular play, Ariza poked the ball out from Wade, went down to the other end and pulled up for a dagger 3 in transition to put the Rockets up 103-86. Wade left the game on the next play.

Ariza was, once again, brilliant. He currently leads the NBA in 3-point field goals and field-goal attempts (21-of-35), making 60 percent of his shots from deep. That's not sustainable, but it's worth pointing that out that he's improved his 3-point conversion rate in each of the last three seasons to end up at 40.7 percent in 2013-14. The Rockets did their homework this offseason to make sure Ariza's production in Washington wasn't a contract-year blip.

"We definitely studied up on him," Morey said. "He wasn't a shooter when he came into the league, but he's Ray Allen-like with his routine. He puts in the work. He gets up more jumpers than I've ever seen here. And he made a ton of his 3s in transition where we think he'll thrive with us."

"Moreyball" has certainly rubbed off on Ariza's shot selection. In Ariza's last stint with Houston, 73.6 percent of his attempts came from the efficiency hot spots inside three feet or beyond the arc. So far this season? That number has soared to 86 percent. To us a golf analogy, it's either putts or drives off the tee. Almost never anything in between.

By anchoring the corner, Ariza has opened up more space for James Harden and Howard. Last season, Ariza led the league in corner 3s (81), and he's splashed in 11 already, which is a higher total than 25 entire rosters around the league. Ariza made three from the right corner that probably haunted the Heat on their overnight trip to Charlotte.

"Oh, he had some crazy 3s," Howard said of Ariza after Tuesday's win. "But that's what he does. I'm happy to see he's found that shot. We came in together when we played in Orlando and just to see the way he's shooting the ball now, it just amazes me. Real happy for Trevor."

To wit, Ariza never made a single 3-pointer in 89 games next to Howard in Orlando. Not one. He finished his Orlando stint with 0-for-9 shooting from downtown.

It's hard to imagine a better start for Ariza in his second go-around with the Rockets. After trading him away to New Orleans in 2012, the Rockets signed him to a four-year, $32 million front-loaded contract that will offer the Rockets some flexibility to chase free agents down the line. Meanwhile, Parsons will be making almost twice Ariza's salary this season ($14.7 million versus $8.5 million).

Yes, the Rockets have had a soft schedule so far. But blowing out the Utah Jazz and Heat on their home floors on the second night of back-to-backs shouldn't be taken lightly. The road gets tougher from here as the Rockets visit San Antonio on Thursday. But if Ariza can fill Parsons' void and continue locking down the perimeter, don't sleep on the Rockets in the championship hunt.

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#45136 Beverley's future?

Posted by thejohnnygold on 05 November 2014 - 06:10 PM

With the front court as thin as it is, would it be wise to give up say Jones and the Peli pick for a Rondo (or similar) without getting a big back?


I feel like this question answers itself.  No.  Not unless a second trade was in line which involved Beverley being moved for a PF upgrade.


The problem is, there are plenty of PF's with some scoring punch, but not very many who move the needle on defense--which we need more than scoring.  Horford and Amir Johnson are about it, really (of guys who might be available), but I think both teams want to see how they perform this season with those guys.  Johnson is a free agent after this season and Horford has two years at $12M (including this season).


Horford would make for a solid frontcourt defender and he has a decent mid-range shot with potential 3 pt. range (especially from the corner).  The issue is, does he want to be here?  Would Atlanta trade him?  What's the price?  Danny Ferry hasn't lost a trade since he's been in Atlanta (at least, that I can remember) and is part of Pop's coaching tree.  He knows what he's doing and isn't going to hand us Horford for nothing.


I still believe in Jones.  I see improvement from last season and see no reason for him to not continue improving in years to come.  He is improving his decision making, his activity on the glass, his cuts, his mid-range....what more do we want?  Defense, of course.  Well, let's give him a chance while remembering, as always, that WC PF's are going to get theirs.  Nobody shuts them down 1 on 1.


I like this roster.  I like this team.  I would prefer we keep it as is unless some team puts a stud PG/PF on a fire sale and gives them away for, essentially, nothing.  There has been lots of concern over our depth (somewhat unwarranted)--what would we have left if we trade it for an upgrade to a starter?  Capela and NJ?  Yikes!


I think if a trade happens this season it will be minor and will likely be to reinforce the bench.  Okafor's name has been thrown around and that could very well happen.  We shall see.  For now, I am happy to sit back and enjoy the guys we have doing awesome things.


One last thought--these teams we're scared of: Portland, LAC, SAS, MEM.  They are all built to suck in the defense through the PF spot and open up their elite three point shooters.  Most teams take the bait, doubling up or sagging in to prevent the PF's from going off.  Much like our own team, it's not Harden's 26+ points that beats you--it's the 43% shooting from deep by our "role players" that is the killer.


My point is, why not let the PF position do it's thing against us--like a gambit in chess.  They would have to shoot 65%+ for the series to be truly devastating if we stay at home on their shooters (holding them below average) and box out for the rebounds.  Just a thought....because a PF upgrade that makes us formidable on defense is not likely to be in the cards this season.  Terrence Jones, on the other hand, has 77 games left to figure out ways to defend these guys better than he has.  I say roll with TJ.

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#44939 Houston Rockets 104, Utah Jazz 93: Houston Rockets don't seem to have los...

Posted by thejohnnygold on 30 October 2014 - 06:23 PM

Not to be a downer but it was the lakers and the jazz...


Team Doom and Gloom strikes again.  It's okay to be excited for our team.  Of course we are going to lose some games.  We're not going 82-0.  Apparently, if you're not talking about our failure of a Summer, all the talent we lost, how all the other West teams are better than us, how dependent we are on Harden, how taxed he is, how much McHale sucks, how bad Bev is on offense, Howard's bad post-ups, our need for a second (third) play-maker, a third star, and whatever else that I can't think of then you are just being an unrealistic homer.  Egads, people!


Enjoy yourselves then.  Take pride in every loss that promotes whatever self-righteousness bubbles to the surface.  It seems it is okay to write off D-Mo after 2 games, but if we praise anyone then it's "just two games against Utah and LAL".  I prefer to enjoy our team, be happy for what we have, and see where the season leads us.


Call it rose-colored glasses (what's the opposite of rose-colored glasses?  Doo-Doo-Brown?), but I see Dwight being a leader (as in holding players accountable).  I see Harden having improved on both ends.  I see our SF position being better than last season.  I see Jason Terry looking very good.  I see T-Jones filling all the holes on our team on both ends of the floor--knocking down timely shots, grabbing boards, playing better post defense, and (gasp!) making plays.  I see McHale (and staff) developing our players into a team both psychologically and on the floor.  I see that we have 80 games to go before "final exams" begin and we have ample time to improve on all the great things that are already happening.


I appreciate that there are differing opinions, but I feel like the scales are tipping far, far in the negative direction.  Nobody here knows the future.  We haven't even seen how we look against a play off team.  Have no fear, we will likely lose 25-30 games this season.  The NBA is really, really good, people.  Look at Sacramento--they have one of the best centers in the league, a dynamic SF, 2 solid PG's, two up-and-coming SG's, and serviceable PF's....and they are considered a guaranteed lottery team.  Well, crap.  Phoenix is in the same boat.  No playoffs for you!  


As last year's playoffs showed, all that matters is simply getting into the playoffs in the West.  From there, it's a dog fight.  As I have mentioned before, OKC, SAS, and LAC all went to game 7's in their opening round series.  (I know the doom and gloomers won't allow for it, but I agree with Daryl Morey saying we lost that Portland series due to some horrific luck--I can isolate three plays that swung three games in their favor: two 4th Q buzzer beaters and one late-game Jeremy Lin mental breakdown).  Translation: that 4-2 series loss could have easily been a 4-1 series win.  (cue the rebuttals: Parsons bad defense, Harden's no-show, McHale out-coached by Stotts, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz).


I invite more positive posts.  Make your voices heard, homers!  Ultimately, it doesn't matter what any of us thinks--this team is good.

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#44899 Is Chandler Parsons a role player?

Posted by thejohnnygold on 29 October 2014 - 05:26 PM

Parsons can definitely make plays.  We all know it having watched him for the last 3 seasons.  Check out the spacing in that pick n roll ST posted.



That is awesome and a coach probably couldn't draw it up better.  If he can continue to get opportunities like this then he will do great.  That's the thing--he was being guarded by Belinelli.  Most teams only have so many good defenders and if you have enough "play-makers" you can find a mis-match.  Parsons does afford them this possibility.  He made a great fake, a great read, and finished the play.  Now, could he do this 15-20 times a game with opponents game-planning against him?  Not likely.


Let's be frank, this play works as much because of Parsons as it does the 3 guys standing on the right side of the floor.  Nobody wanted to leave their man.  Duncan was left on an island.  That's 5 guys collectively generating one result and, while Parsons gets the box score love, it was all 5 guys that made that happen.


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#44894 The Red94 Podcast: Episode 60

Posted by thejohnnygold on 29 October 2014 - 03:01 PM

Nice job, guys.


I disagree somewhat with your perspective on Harden's usage and Dwight's post-ups.  Yes, Dwight shot terribly from the free throw line (7-16), but when he did get a shot off he was 1-3 in the post (if memory serves) and 3-5 overall with 1 assist and just 1 turnover.  More importantly, the Lakers were sending 3 guys to defend him.  THREE GUYS.  We haven't seen that in a long time and it bodes well for our future.  If he is collapsing defenses simply by touching the ball in the post then our three point shooters are going to feast.  We'll see how he fares against better defenders, but I think he is back to nearly unstoppable 1 on 1 in the post.  Let's not neglect the benefit of getting in the bonus early either.


He posted a 13 & 11 with 1 block in 20 minutes.  Just bumping that to 30 mpg nets you 20 pts, 17 reb, and 2 blks.....per36 gets you 23 pts, 19 reb, and still 2 blks.  That's nearly a 20-20.  That would also likely have resulted in about 14 total fouls racked up on opposing bigs.  I get that it's not the prettiest nor is it the most efficient when viewed in a vacuum, but there is a lot to be gained from Dwight on offense in the big picture.


Regarding Harden's usage--for the very reasons you guys listed, we should continue to post-up Dwight.  It allows the other guys to rest.  It does good things.  Sticking fouls on opposing bigs is never bad--ask James Harden (who we are coddling now, apparently) who he would rather try to score against--the starting center or the back-up?  That answer should be obvious.  If protecting Harden's legs, minutes, and health risk are important why shun posting up Dwight?  Playing inside out got us 2 rings.  It can't hurt to give it a go for 10 minutes a game while James rests.  Dwight with Beverley, Terry, Ariza, and Jones can hold down the fort on offense and defense.  (also, I like Jones' new shot.  It looks a bit quicker and he is clearly working on that 18 ft. range)


Dwight is happier and more aggressive on both ends when he is posting up.  An engaged and active Dwight running at full throttle is better than a ho-hum Dwight idling his way through the game.  Whatever you think of those "wasted" post-up possessions (you only need 15 or so of them) you will gain it all back on the other 50 or so possessions per game he plays plus all the defense.


We all long for the pick n roll, but let's see how things unfold as the season goes.  It's not like Morey and McHale don't know it is a good play.  They attempted some last night without much success--it looks like it needs some tweaking to get the spacing better.

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#44879 The Red94 2014-2015 Houston Rockets Season Preview

Posted by thejohnnygold on 29 October 2014 - 03:37 AM

LIN SUCKS! That decorum enough for you JG?


I will allow it  ;)

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#44676 Should Daryl Morey feel the pressure to trade sooner rather than later?

Posted by thejohnnygold on 22 October 2014 - 04:12 AM

I can think of a player McHale would be useful in recruiting....



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