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@  slick shoes : (23 May 2016 - 12:24 PM) The worst part about Green is that he tries to play that nice guy role à la Reggie Miller.
@  Mario Peña : (23 May 2016 - 02:00 AM) Im quite pleased the Thunder are decimating the Warriors.
@  Mario Peña : (23 May 2016 - 12:54 AM) I cannot stand Draymond Green. I don't like him in any way. That dude is cheap and he's one of the main reasons I really don't like the Warriors.
@  majik19 : (21 May 2016 - 05:28 PM) no need to rush it now - only one other opening to compete with, and no first round draft pick to get input on.
@  Mario Peña : (21 May 2016 - 02:19 PM) SteinyMo reporting James Borrego from Pop's bench is now getting a look. Wow just wow.
@  majik19 : (20 May 2016 - 09:32 PM) I saw that report. Silas seems like a swing for the fences move, but isn't he exactly like JBB? Harden didn't respond to JBB, why would he respond to another longtime coach's son?
@  Mario Peña : (20 May 2016 - 07:29 PM) So Watkins is reporting its between D'Antoni and Silas.
@  Mario Peña : (20 May 2016 - 06:30 PM) In retrospect some of what has happened over the last few years going back to Lin, McHale and maybe a few other things seem to have Alexander's fingerprints on them and even if true to an extant that's troubling to me. Just when I thought things couldn't be worse, oh well.
@  thejohnnygold : (20 May 2016 - 04:58 PM) If so, this site will become more of a support group than a fan board.
@  slick shoes : (20 May 2016 - 03:14 PM) Is Les becoming the next Jerry Jones? Yikes...
@  majik19 : (20 May 2016 - 02:59 PM) oh i was half-joking haha.
@  slick shoes : (20 May 2016 - 12:21 PM) @majik19 Why screw the team long term with a decision that only affects them THIS season? I don't get it. If I was Morey and my boss kept over ruling my decisions, I'd give some serious consideration to stepping down.
@  majik19 : (20 May 2016 - 05:12 AM) @slickshoes - maybe thats why theyre considering D'Antoni - just want to make sure Dwight opts out.
@  thejohnnygold : (19 May 2016 - 04:38 PM) I think I have a bias against Rambis from his playing days. The thought of him being our coach just feels wrong...
@  slick shoes : (19 May 2016 - 03:11 AM) Does this mean Rambis is available?!
@  Mario Peña : (19 May 2016 - 03:05 AM) Hornacek goes to the Knicks.
@  slick shoes : (18 May 2016 - 11:05 PM) Who was the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014 when Dwight left to come to Houston? None other than Mike D'Antoni.
@  Cooper : (18 May 2016 - 08:16 PM) very uninspiring if they do go with him.
@  thenit : (18 May 2016 - 07:13 PM) It will be so much fun having game totaling 250+ points. Oh and we won't win anything either
@  slick shoes : (18 May 2016 - 12:19 PM) @majik19: the story also said that if they hire D'Antoni there will be a defensive specialist as an associate head coach. does this send a message to the team? defense comes second?


Houston Rockets 118, Dallas Mavericks 108: A team effort

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#21 Steven



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    Posted 20 April 2015 - 10:26 PM

    I'm a bit concerned on how easy it seemed to get those fouls on Howard, especially #3 and #4. I don't think either was really legit, but the point is they were called. The Rockets job will be immeasurably easier if we have a Howard out there and he's not playing timidly because of foul worries.

    Two words Joey Crawford. He always calls meaningless fouls on Howard.
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    #22 Jatman20


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      Posted 20 April 2015 - 10:41 PM

      Thanks for the link JohnnyGold. Jonathan Feigen (Beat writer for the Rockets) on his Twitter: Rockets DefRt w/Howard in Game 1 was 75.1. w/o, 112.2.

      Because of the aggressiveness of D12 and Capela to block shots......the Mavs used players to crash the offensive boards instead of dropping guys back to stop the fast break. Carlisle complained about fast break points by Houston in a post game interview. The Mavs have to decide if they want to crash the offensive boards or try to stop the fast breaks. It does feel like the Rockets are better prepared this season. Whatever the Mavs do, I feel the Rockets can counter. Kudos to the Rockets coaching staff.....McHale, Bickerstaff and others.

      Yes, Dirk looked bad chewing out Tyson for leaving his guy to help out and meet a player in the paint; as opposed to letting a guy slash all the way to the front of the rim. It seemed to me Dirk was frustrated by Houston attacking him and his PnR defense. With the exception of Tyson and Aminu.....the Mavs lack defenders. We have heard Rondo was a great defender for years. Then he went to Dallas and we heard how poor he was doing defensively. Then it comes out it was Avery Bradley who was guarding his toughest assignments. Rockets in 4 or 5. The zone D was a
      non-factor from the Mavs.

      Edited by Jatman20, 20 April 2015 - 10:41 PM.

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      #23 rocketrick


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        Posted 20 April 2015 - 11:13 PM

        New post: Some thoughts on Game 1 of Houston Rockets vs. Dallas Mavericks
        By: Rahat Huq

        • I've been saying for some time that I think Hakeem might be the worst thing to have ever happened to Dwight Howard.  Sometimes you need someone to tell you the truth, not to enable you.  Hakeem put, or reinforced in Dwight's mind that he can dominate in the paint and that all great big men dominate in the paint.  In reality, Dwight was dominant already, playing as he had been.

        Not really sure where that comment came from. Did the author actually hear in person the discussion betwee Hakeem the Dream and D12?

        Anyway, this author has many, many posts with his opinion that the Rockets are simply better off without feeding the post (e.g. D12) over the past couple of seasons. I give the author credit for being consistent with his views that the Rockets are better off NOT feeding the post (e.g. D12). In fact, this author simply seems to despise and discredit D12 period end of story.

        I happen to disagree.

        Certainly the Rockets are not going to win a game or a series based on the simple play of posting D12 and letting him dictate.

        Still, in my humble opinion, it does open up a lot of other options when the Rockets do feed D12 and allow him to work. Sure, he may go for 20 or 30 points in 1 or 2 games, but the overall strategy is to free up more open shots at the 3 point line rather than contested 3's. And in the meanwhile if D12 can go strong to the basket and make a few buckets deep in the lane, so much the better.

        Just my opinion, I have no clue what I am talking about. I have never watched NBA basketball in my entire life so please excuse my stupidity for even suggesting......
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        #24 Red94


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          Posted 21 April 2015 - 12:49 AM

          Still stuck in the mud on McHale I see.  By McHale, I mean McHale and staff because I do believe they function as a unit.  All the glory is not his nor all the blame.  Still, despite the decent research I did recently to dispel the myth, I am reading about how he doesn't play young guys.  "It's not a McHale move".  Put simply, that sentence is not true and embodies the myopia only a fan (or in this case non-fan) can muster.


          Let's completely ignore that Capela was only on the bench for 25 games this season (12 of which he saw playing time in).  Let's not forget that he is buried behind one of the best front courts in the league.  Let's not forget he wasn't supposed to be here yet.  He still fouls at far too high a rate.  He still looks like a deer in headlights every time the camera catches his face.  He wasn't ready.  Go read what the pros were saying about him over at Draftexpress.com.


          Outside of great physical gifts and nice touch around the rim, Capela was not receiving much positive praise.  Bad attitude, poor defense, didn't understand his role/gifts/abilities, thought he should play SF, terrible jump shot, and on and on....up until he had one good showing early 2014 where he started to turn the attitude problems around--the rest is still there.  In one season, the Rockets' staff has had to try and get this guy NBA ready.  He is still too thin, bad at team defense, can't shoot, fouls too much, and so on.  


          So, when we set out to make a dig at McHale maybe we should consider context and the big picture versus a falsely contrived version of reality.  Despite all of that, and in the shadow of Motie's injury, Capela played and did pretty well.  Does anyone think he should be playing instead of Motie?


          The Rockets are lauded for using their D-League system to develop players and get them the playing time they wouldn't (and shouldn't) receive in the pros.  McHale is chided for being part of that same system.  How is that possible?  Answer: It's not without wearing blinders.


          (By the way, Nick Johnson played 28 out of 54 games where he was with the team this season.  He's not ready.  His shooting is horrific.  McHale still squeezed 262 minutes out of him.)


          Let's look further back...Canaan played 22 out of 39 games in his rookie year (252 minutes).  He was on a bench with Lin, Beverley, and Brooks.


          Let's all stop and recall this was a "draft class" that included the #34 pick (Canaan) and two undrafted projects in Covington (7 out of 15 games) and Daniels (5 out of 10 and 4 out of 6 playoff games).  Not a single bit of first round talent, but apparently McHale should have these guys all over the floor while we are fighting for home court advantage.  I see....interesting strategy....it sounds more like Philly's strategy...and look where 2 of those guys are now.


          Going back to 2012-13, T-Rob played 19 out of 24.  T-Jones played 19 out of 43.  D-Mo played 44 out of 70.  Now remember they all play the same position and Marcus Morris and Patrick Patterson were on the roster to start the season.


          For all the Spurs people, do try to remember the post (and research) I did showing they almost exclusively draft older players, with pro experience, that can step into NBA minutes in their "rookie" year--and most still see limited time.  Kawhi is an outlier people.


          For comparison, Papanikolaou (an older, seasoned Euro vet) received 20 DNP's this season, but did play in 43 games for 800 minutes.  It's not difficult to understand...unless one simply does not want to.  Do try to remember, he is playing behind Jones, Motie, and Smith.  Does anyone think Papa is better than any of those 3 guys?


          Not a McHale move, given his track record......tell me, what does that even mean?  Am I looking at the wrong track?  :unsure:

          You're kind of arguing a strawman there, Johnny.  The point wasn't that Capela should have been playing all along - I myself didn't think he was ready.  The point was simply surprise that a young player who had barely played--regardless of the reason--was now playing in the postseason.  

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          #25 Jatman20


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            Posted 21 April 2015 - 02:05 AM

            Capela reminds me of a slightly shorter Marcus Camby (when he came out of college).

            I believe you to be correct Rocketrick...

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            #26 thejohnnygold



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            Posted 21 April 2015 - 01:51 PM

            You're kind of arguing a strawman there, Johnny.  The point wasn't that Capela should have been playing all along - I myself didn't think he was ready.  The point was simply surprise that a young player who had barely played--regardless of the reason--was now playing in the postseason.  


            Sorry for missing your point, but I guess I don't see the reason for including the statement (which happens far more often than not) if it isn't relevant.  One of my jobs around here is to keep things on the level which includes delineating between fact and opinion.  I find the "McHale does not play young guys" trope to be pure fiction; yet, it's mythos survives by being repeated and handed down from one person to the next.


            This is the quote that I mistook:


            "I'm pretty much still shocked that we saw Capela instead of Dorsey last night, because it's not a McHale move, given his track record"


            It says right there because it's not a McHale move--that's the sole reason you gave and the focus of your follow-up point about Motie.  Perhaps subconsciously your feelings toward McHale slipped out.  It's fine not to like him, but I take umbrage with distorted notions about his disdain for young guys.  (Was it not those-who-shall-not-be-named that started all that when Lin was here?)


            I appreciate the surprise at seeing Capela eat Dorsey's minutes.  I don't think it was that shocking given Capela's close out of the season paired with Motie's injury and Dorsey's free throw shooting.  Capela and Dorsey both foul like it's a race to six so that part doesn't matter.  Offensively it's not even a question.


            Still, I believe this has everything to do with Motie's injury and little else.  I also don't think I am arguing a strawman as I have yet to find a corner of the internet (Rockets related) that does not parrot the McFail Liturgy.  I do agree that what I am arguing against is contrived--just not by me.

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            #27 Red94


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              Posted 21 April 2015 - 02:26 PM

              Not really sure where that comment came from. Did the author actually hear in person the discussion betwee Hakeem the Dream and D12?

              Why would I need to hear their conversation in person when quotes are abundantly publicly available?


              Here's one: “We all know that center is the key position in the game,” Olajuwon said. “Everything should go through you — offense and defense and the right mentality. If the center is thinking about dominating, the team can go far, can go all the way."




              There are several more, much more explicit about post dominance than that, if you want me to take the time to find them.  Hakeem's (and Barkley and Shaq, and any old-time big man) opinion that big men should dominate in the post to actually be dominant isn't exactly some new assertion made by me - it's a common knowledge fallacy.  


              You can still be great without primarily playing in the post.  See....Dwight Howard, 2010.

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