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@  slick shoes : (07 October 2015 - 06:50 PM) Kobe ranked one spot higher than Ariza? Is this based on legacy or...??
@  slick shoes : (07 October 2015 - 04:13 PM) It was hard to keep up with both the Astros and Rockets at the same time. Should be interesting on Thursday with the Texans and Astros on simultaneously.
@  Mario Peña : (07 October 2015 - 04:09 PM) It was fun to have the Rockets on last night! Right now I'm watching the Celtics versus Milan and Alessandro Gentile is impressive.
@  jorgeaam : (06 October 2015 - 07:47 PM) Well, thinking twice about it, I'd rather have him score less and have the team as a whole do better. Lawson should take a lot of his load off
@  jorgeaam : (06 October 2015 - 07:47 PM) Loving that, hope he hits 30 PPG this year
@  thejohnnygold : (06 October 2015 - 06:15 PM) Someone is feeling confident :) : LINK
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@  skip 2 my lou : (05 October 2015 - 03:14 PM) Hey fellas, I'm a rocket fan but I live in the heart of Dallas. Does anybody know if I buy NBA Leaguepass if it's too close to be subject to blackouts?
@  Losthief : (02 October 2015 - 02:24 AM) tks jg
@  thejohnnygold : (29 September 2015 - 05:16 AM) FYI, it was media day today. Interviews are up at NBA.com
@  slick shoes : (23 September 2015 - 06:37 PM) kind of late in the day but NBATV is broadcasting classis Rockets games all day today.
@  SadLakerFan : (16 September 2015 - 04:37 AM) Man, as a Laker fan, I'm learning how little you care about the off season when your team sucks. Anyway, a quick moment to remember Moses. Still remember watching the 81 team as a kid - losing record, NBA Finals. I would have cried w/joy if they could have beaten the Celtics.
@  jorgeaam : (15 September 2015 - 08:30 PM) http://bleacherrepor...ist-after-crash
@  jorgeaam : (15 September 2015 - 08:30 PM) So to celebrate his new contract, Montrezl Harrell saved someone's life on monday
@  thejohnnygold : (14 September 2015 - 04:36 PM) A good article from Blinebury talking about when Hakeem and Moses used to play in the park. LINK
@  rockets best... : (14 September 2015 - 02:29 AM) I agree totally. I got to watch his Rocket days and the man was a hell of a player. BIG MO R.I.P.


Kyle Lowry's ascent to superstardom

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#1 Favian Pua

Favian Pua


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    Posted 27 January 2012 - 03:30 PM

    In an earlier post, Rahat brings up Kyle Lowry's chances of representing the Rockets at the All-Star Game this February. Now, showing up for the festivities is all fun and games, but something tells me Lowry should be aiming higher than playing for an exhibition game that bears no meaning by the time June rolls by.

    Kyle Lowry should aim for the coveted superstar status.

    But how is a superstar created? As a late bloomer, Lowry's sudden upward trend seems to baffle the casual fan. There are critics who view his recent tear as a fluke, neither consistent nor sustainable. Superstars usually know their ceiling sometime around their third or fourth season. For Lowry, he doesn't "get it" until Year 6, a bit behind schedule.

    The first basis of a superstars is that he has to be Option 1 or 1A. So that means we're talking either your Blake Griffin or your Joe Johnson-archetype. Lowry fits that description to a tee. He definitely commands the alpha dog status on a Rockets team still searching for its identity. Lowry's versatile game provides the rudder to Houston's offense.

    Second, superstars are winners. The sample size is small, but Lowry has proven that he and Samuel Dalembert are the true anchors of the team. Take either one out of the lineup and the Rockets would be 5-13 instead of 10-8. Lowry plays with heart every game. His shots may not always be on target but he knows that his impact can be felt in other facets as well.

    But if that were the case, then why do we hype John Wall in spite of the Wizards' ugly record? We hype him so much and see him as the next big thing, to the point where other fanatics even go as far as put him on the same pedestal as Derrick Rose. Blasphemous. What I am trying to point out is that consumerism plays a part. Take out the Reebok advertisements and Lowry is definitely the better player than Wall. Of course, with a little help from a manipulative and coy public relations team, the script can be flipped to Wall's favor.

    Third, superstars can be manufactured thanks to certain gimmicks and publicities are also helpful in this regard. OJ Mayo was SLAM's poster boy long before he made the big league. Lamar Odom and Kris Humphries, while not in superstar territory, are now household names because of their affiliation with the Kardashians.

    And finally, superstars avoid the mudslinging and controversy that ruins careers. With the exception of Kobe Bryant's dark past, no other star is bulletproof. Unfortunately, with the pending battery case, this criteria is not in Lowry's favor.

    In a nutshell, Lowry's stats are fast approaching the upper echelon. What will push him over the top will be some miraculous performance on the court, like that chasedown block he had earlier in the season against Jannero Pargo. But because the NBA is so generous (sarcasm alert!) and decided not to pressure the Rockets with that much nationally-televised games of relevance, Lowry will be producing data that will be end up reflected on stat sheets, not the highlight reels. That's ultimately what will hold Lowry back from earning the respect he deserves at this point.

    That's why the name recall won't come as quick as Stephen Curry and even Tyreke Evans, even if Lowry is clearly playing much better than either of those two now.

    Hit up the thread and tell me what you guys think.
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    #2 Rahat Huq

    Rahat Huq


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      Posted 27 January 2012 - 04:25 PM

      I love the O.J. Mayo example because it fits perfectly. So much of our characterization of players involves 'pedigree.' In the real world, it's the ivy league degree; in basketball, it's the big school or the lottery selection.

      That's why, despite the fact that Lowry is outplaying basically, almost every point guard in basketball, save a few, we refuse to wrap our minds around it. He's just a short, fat, late-first rounder that plays hard, everyone says.

      I don't think he's a superstar. We need a much greater body of work. But it's just interesting that so many non-basketball related factors go into our determination of 'superstar potential.'
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      #3 TwistedNematic



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        Posted 27 January 2012 - 06:10 PM

        Kyle Lowry only lacks one superstar trait and that is national recognition. Think about it, most people have probably never actually seen the guy play (no national tv games or playoff appearances). If he puts up the numbers he is now during the playoffs, people will actually understand who the guy is and I'm almost certain he'll be given the superstar tag. Fantasy players love him, but I've never considered them real fans.

        That being said, I would like to see him take the leadership role to the next level. He needs to be the face of the Houston Rockets, I've been watching this guy for 3 years and I have no idea what he even sounds like. Rahat, I usually watch your post game interviews, any good ones with lowry?
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        #4 FelixPR



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        Posted 28 January 2012 - 04:53 PM

        For Lowry to be considered a superstar he would need consistency in his stats (something like 16pt/8-9ast/6-7rebs plus good defense) through out an entire season, national exposure and the ability to showcase his skills in the playoffs (which ties in with the previous two).

        A lot of the players who are called 'superstars' are guys who have earned that title, who might have the potential to earn that title or are nationally recognized as one but are more flawed than the other two. An example for each three: Dwight, Blake/Love and Amare. There you have the player who is a superstar. You have the young guys who have skills but also have room to improve and lastly you have someone who is considered a superstar but only in money. We all know how flawed Amare is with his defense and health but he is still considered a superstar albeit not on the same level as LBJ and others.

        It takes some baby steps for Lowry to reach that level. He doesn't have the national media salivating him on every pass so he has to earn this status the hard way. Lowry is the opposite of a lot of rookie and young players who are anointed this 'superstar' label before they play but then have to fill it with their skills.

        Lowry is the leader of the team. His stats have increased to the point that if you suggest that he is a top 5 PG in the league, nobody will laugh (unless they are crazy). Right now for him to reach that superstardom level is to simply keep performing well, lead his teams in wins and become an all-star. These are the types of things that would help in getting him exposure. If he can sustain his level of play for this season then it would do wonders.
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        #5 Joe



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          Posted 28 January 2012 - 11:50 PM

          I think "superstardom" is a bit of a stretch, but Lowry's undoubtedly worthy of All-Star recognition. At 6'0'', he's remarkably effective on the glass, as his Total Rebound Rate (TRR) of 10.5 leads all PGs logging 20+ min/game (averages 6.8/game). A true testament to his non-stop motor and determination. Not to mention, his on-ball D is grossly underrated and he's capable of hitting from just about anywhere on the other end of the floor.

          But, like Favian pointed out, he's a "late-bloomer." How many of the Association's current "superstars" emerged on to the scene in their mid-20's? Not many. Fans are enamored with young, budding talent. Exactly why the media's casting a bright light on John Wall, just 21-years-old, and he's scooping up endorsement deals along the way. If the Rockets were playing for all the marbles tonight, I'd roll with Lowry. But, with time, Wall's going to be the superior player and to attribute his "hype" to Reebok commercials and consumerism is borderline absurd. Statistically, he's already nipping at the heels of Lowry, who's over 5 years his elder. Lowry's the better shooter, hands down, but he developed that stroke with time. Wall's already one of the most dynamic open-floor players in the game, and can finish at the rim with the best of 'em (leads all PGs in And-1s, as well). His 3-pt stroke's only going to improve, and once it catches up to his attacking abilities, he'll be an absolute force to be reckoned with. Earlier, I gave credit to K-Low for being the best rebounding PG in the NBA, well Wall checks in at #2 with 5.5 boards/game. He doesn't play with the grit and determination of a K-Low, but he's already a comparable talent to Lowry as the youngest starting PG in the NBA.

          Also, like Wall, LeBron and Garnett had rough beginnings to their careers in terms of team success. That doesn't disqualify a player from garnering "superstar" hype. Lowry's the man, but Wall's worthy of all the credit he receives. He's one of the lone bright spots on a broken, disspirited team with below average talent. His performance against the Rockets on MLK day was jaw-dropping -- 13-22 for 38 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals, and only 2 TOs.

          Sorry for dragging this into a Lowry-Wall debate, but Wall's special. Very special. In the right environment, surrounded by fringe All-Star talent, he'd blossom. LeBron has Wade and Bosh, Kobe has Pau and Bynum, KD has Westbrook and Harden, CP3 has Blake and Caron (extreme examples). Rose has Boozer, Deng, and Noah. Hell, even Lowry has Scola and Martin. Wall has McGee and Young.

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