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Donatas Motiejunas scouting report from bballbreakdown.com

According to nbasavant.com, Motiejunas leads the league in scoring off hook shots, hitting his 89 such attempts at a 60.6% clip. He further ranks second when you combine those finishes with turnaround, fadeaway jump-shots. Context is important, of course – Motiejunas is not often guarded by the opponent’s top big man. But Motiejunas has nonetheless improved his ability to set deep post position against more athletic types and his footwork is very natural. He is able to score from either side of the block, often preferring to finish with a turnaround, right-handed hook but also carrying an up-and-under to protect himself against shot blockers and a jump-stop left-handed hook in his arsenal.

Bballbreakdown.com had a nice scouting report of our favorite Lithuanian 7-footer.  Motiejunas seems to have returned to form after being reinserted into the starting lineup the other night, though one wonders why the team curiously went away from him in crunch time against the Bulls yesterday after he had been eating Joakim Noah’s lunch.

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