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This is really, really fun

Note that this was written prior to the Rockets-Lakers Sunday night affair.  The events of that game had no bearing on the author’s assertions. – Ed. By the time this is published, the Rockets will probably be 4-6.  They’ll likely trudge along near .500 for the entire season.  And at this rate, there’s a safe [...]

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How Houston’s offense can be its defense’s best friend

Apart from “points off turnovers,” almost all of basketball’s statistics tend to separate offense and defense as two different systems geared towards the common goal of winning. However, unlike football or baseball—where the two groups are understandably divided—the relationship between offense and defense in basketball is much more fluid, and far more complex. With a [...]

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In Houston, it all starts and ends with Harden

Just like that, everything’s different.  Daryl Morey had stayed prepared, but last weekend’s stunning trade for James Harden proved the importance of luck in the NBA.  You can make smart moves, but without some bit of luck, you’re going nowhere. The week before had seen, not just the discussion following the trade, but the emphatic [...]

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Being a Rockets fan is (finally) fun

Two weeks ago I started writing a column that would attempt to answer how Rockets fans should feel watching their team this season. Was it okay to root for development among the rookies but overall failure for the roster? Should tempered expectations be acceptable on the tried and true philosophies that preach patience and eventual [...]

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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy Part 8: The paths avoided

We plan and carefully prepare, but often our lives are shaped by the unexpected.  The surprise job offer, the college admission to the better school, the sudden death of a loved one.  Good or bad, we cope when fate appears and make the most of the hand dealt, even if needing a completely different route. [...]

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