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Sacramento Kings 109, Houston Rockets 100

•My plan entering this game was to document the success rate for the team on each of Chase Budinger’s ‘action plays.’ For my purpose, I had arbitrarily defined ‘action plays’ as those plays where he took two or more dribbles within an offensive set. My intent was to assess his overall coordination and decision making. [...]

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Thoughts on David Anderson: Part Deux

Is this the face of someone who would disappoint? (Don’t answer that.) I hate to do this just hours before tip-off, but this needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. The overall amount of discontent with Houston Rockets center David Andersen is snowballing at such a rate that, if constant, he’ll be at the [...]

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The Ron Artest Experience

Wednesday’s meeting with the Lakers beckons forth reminiscence upon one of the most surreal experiences in Houston Rockets history. When he etched the logo into his hair, Ron Artest instantly became iconic of this team’s ethos. From heart to sheer tenacity, he represented an accentuation of the Houston Rockets’ core essence. The Rockets, in their [...]

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Assessing Ariza

[NOTE: The 6th and 7th main body paragraphs contain links to four separate, critically related addenda.] During the Houston Rockets’ home opener at Toyota Center, I counted five total possessions in which Trevor Ariza attempted to attack his defender off the dribble while squared up in a one-on-one scenario. These were: •Roughly the 3 minute [...]

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The importance of ‘creating’ off the dribble

[NOTE: This post is intended as a supplement to 'Assessing Ariza.'] Why is the ability to ‘create’ off the dribble so important? The answer should be fairly obvious after last season when the Houston Rockets routinely failed to score late in the 4th quarter of close games. The NBA is distinct from college basketball in [...]

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