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On Oden and Yao

“Point being, we are now bound together by a common hope: that our two talented and beloved big men can come back to fill the void their absence has left behind; that we can watch them go head-to-head once more, unburdened by the pain of the past and instead enjoying the sight of two of [...]

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Red94 Officially Joins the ESPN TrueHoop Network

A few weeks ago, I decided to start Red94 as I wanted to compile a collection of my writings on the Houston Rockets.  This team is particularly fascinating because Daryl Morey is engaging in an experiment unprecedented thus far in this league.  He’s attempting to shift the paradigm and the results thus far are challenging [...]

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Portland TrailBlazers 90, Houston Rockets 89

There are two obvious storylines abstracted from this game.  I will delve deeper into these matters shortly.  My first concern is the subject of one Aaron Brooks.  It is performances such as these which mount my skepticism regarding his growth potential.  As I have explained ad nauseam, it is his development which is the most [...]

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Houston Rockets 102 – LA Clippers 85

It wouldn’t be a Red94 game review without me expressing indignation toward a slight of Chuck Hayes.  9:30 into the 1st, the Clippers broadcast crew relates to us that when told before the game that he would be guarded by the 6’5 Hayes, Chris Kaman responded saying, “They better double team me.”  So naturally Kaman [...]

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On McGrady – Part 2

The folly in hastily trading Tracy McGrady out of spite is the fact that you would be completely relinquishing a value asset for zero return. We aren’t completely privy to the amount of his trade value.  However, given the recent history of expiring contracts, even taking into consideration the insurance benefits associated with his circumstances, [...]

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