Rockets fastbreaking this season

2010 February 3
by durvasa is a website I came across recently that provides some team statistics that are difficult to find elsewhere. The nice thing about it is it also allows you to view the statistics at a specified date. Rockets fastbreak points, in particular,  were of interest to me. Here’s a quick look at our fastbreak points per game over the course of the season:

The red line shows fast break points per game over the last 3 games, the blue line is fastbreak points per game since the beginning of the season, and the green line is our fast break points last year (at 8.2, we were dead last by a significant amount). Currently, we are ranked 8th in the league in fastbreak points, which is great though during the first month and a half of the season we were top 5. As you can see from the chart above, there was a lull in a fastbreaking for much of the first half of January. But the Rockets have picked it up during the 6-game homestand.

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  • Alituro
    Here's a thought, but it may not be feasible. How about a general discussion forum or "sticky" post at the top for topics that may not relate to any posts on the first page?

    Like this: I read they brought Taylor back from the valley. Any speculation as to their intentions? Do you think either Chase, Ariza, or Battier are on the block with McGrady? I realize that any moves involving T-mac won't be made until the last possible minute because anyone picking him up won't want to tote his note for even as long as a week or two. Or do you think that they see Conroy isn't quite cutting it when we run our small rotation with Lowry out, so they bring Taylor in instead? I tend to lean towards the former, because Kyle should be back at least after the break, leaving only 3 more games with the void he's left. If it is indeed the former, would that imply that we weren't picking up another wing in whatever trade is on the table? Sorry, but I'm really anxious for us to do something and don't want to wait almost 2 more weeks to hear about it. I want BOSH! (Or Stoudamire)
  • rahat_huq
    Hmm. That's not a bad idea, Alituro. I scrapped last week's platform because I just hated how watered down the page looked with so many chronicle links. so many short posts was also killing off discussion. but as you say, i do realize there are other topics that you guys want to discuss. We can try either of your two ideas. I don't think I can implement a full blown forum on here, but a seperate page for discussion could be feasible. i could also try out the sticky, but i'm not sure how that would look on the page. any other suggestions?
  • Alituro
    No, the sticky, you are right, would mess up the flow of the page always butting in on top. Plus, the discussions would get muddied if there is more than one topic. I like the look of the discussion forum. I will add a post to kick it off but registration, as of yet, is not enabled. I would suggest though keeping the posting of the forum for registered users only to prevent a flood of spam, or trolls from other teams just dropping by to talk smack. Which is one reason I am staying away from a certain major sports page lately... spam and trolls.
  • rahat_huq
    should be working now.
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