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2010 January 29
by rahat huq

“We like Will a lot,” coach Rick Adelman said. “We felt without injuries, (Taylor) wasn’t going to get on the floor, and he’s got some talent. We want to see him grow. It helped Aaron (Brooks) when we sent him down. If (Taylor) gets five or six games, it will really help him.

“Will is someone we know. He did really well for us in training camp in the preseason. It gives me a chance to maybe take Kyle (Lowry) out, take Aaron out. It gives us some flexibility. If we do take an injury down the road, we have someone we’re comfortable with.”

via Rockets notes: Conroy promoted from D-League | NBA Basketball | – Houston Chronicle.

Seems like the swap, contrary to my initial suspicions, was made to just get Taylor some more burn.  I will say that I have been pretty impressed with Taylor so far and have high hopes for him.  His biggest weakness right now seems to be a total inability to drive left.  (It’s almost Scola-ish.)  But I was real impressed with his defense during the stretch of games in which he played.  There was one sequence where I thought he did a tremendous job on Delonte West, a guy I consider to be one of the best post-up guards in basketball.

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  • nobodyisbetterthanjordan
    Looks like they brought him in just in time.
    Kyle Lowry could be out for a couple weeks with that sprained knee he got tonight.
  • Alituro
    Some sort of injury to Kyle was basically inevitable due to his style of play.
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