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2010 January 29
by rahat huq

Iguodala, though, is difficult for Philly to move because of all that money he’s still owed. Not as difficult as moving Elton Brand or Samuel Dalembert, but all of the teams that like Iguodala – Houston, Dallas and Cleveland are known to have shown varying degrees of interest – have reservations about taking on a deal that big.

I thought this tidbit from Stein was interesting.  It’s pretty obvious that any team would cringe at the prospect of taking back Dalembert (contrary to some claims euphemizing him as some sort of asset), but I had not considered the possibility that Iguodala himself might be considered too large a pill to swallow.  He’ll be due $16million in a few years, certainly far more than he is worth, but I do feel that in the current structure of basketball economics, you do have to pay above the market rate at times to acquire talent.

The Cavs have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Would they still want Iguodala on their payroll if LeBron leaves and plunges Cleveland into that worst-case position?

If this is their thinking on this, I would be confused.  With the threat of a D-Day scenario like Lebron leaving, I just don’t think you can attempt to tread carefully and hedge your bets.  I would rather feel like I did everything I could, used every bullet in the holster, if Lebron left.  If he leaves, nothing will matter anyway.  IMO.

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