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2010 January 28
by rahat huq

The big problem the Rockets were supposed to have (besides issues with Yao Ming’s foot and Tracy McGrady’s expectations) was the lack of a star to take over games by scoring in crunch time. Aaron Brooks and Carl Landry have done plenty of that, with Landry — one of the NBA’s best post scorers — particularly efficient in the fourth quarter. His PER is better than Garnett’s or Stoudemire’s.

via TrueHoop Blog – ESPN.

I hadn’t realized that Landry’s PER was better than Stoudemire’s.

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  • verbs and nouns
    too bad carl hasnt figured out how to pass out of a double team, but as soon as he does he'll be unstoppable! (okay i exaggerate a bit, but he'll be really good)
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