Rockets to sign Conroy, send Taylor to D-League | NBA Basketball | – Houston Chronicle

2010 January 28
by rahat huq

Rookie Jermaine Taylor, limited to just 17½ minutes this season, likely will be sent to the Rockets’ NBA Development League affiliate today, a move considered the next step in getting him ready to play with the Rockets, confirmed Gersson Rosas, the Rockets’ vice president of player personnel and Rio Grande Valley Vipers general manager.

The Rockets likely will sign Vipers point guard Will Conroy, their final cut in the preseason, to a 10-day contract Friday.

via Rockets to sign Conroy, send Taylor to D-League | NBA Basketball | – Houston Chronicle.

I found this to be pretty odd as I was personally impressed by Taylor’s play earlier in the year.  He seems to have really improved from the preseason when he looked terrible.  The more interesting aspect of this are the potential implications.  I don’t know that you suddenly bring up a 3rd string point guard for no reason unless there is a chance you might be dealing one of your two existing point guards sometime around the deadline…

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  • dfantchise
    Man what is going on around here...Why we aint trading tmac around here for some scoring talent or a tall active center...this is madness there is no reason to let taylor go to the d league for minutes if he just going to come back and get the same (joey dorsey). lets let these boys play out here and let b. cook go PLEASE....HELL bring conroy in for him...DAMN
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    Uh - oh, this definitely hints at either brooks or lowry being gone by 2/18, im happy to see some kind of moves being made because i do check espn religiously waiting for that "Tmac sent to the ______" headline, but assuming we are losing a point guard, and assuming tmac goes with him, tmac + lowry should get us something huge? bosh + turkogulu? butler + jamison? and yes dfantchise, brian cook needs to be sent as far away from organized basketball as possible
  • Jonathan Feigen reports that Adelman is sending Taylor down, because he's improving. Adelman probably realized that there's no room for him on the current playing rotation, so he's sending him down to the Vipers to show off his stuff.
  • Alituro
    I'd have to agree that this move has an ulterior motive behind. If I had to guess, and this has been said before here, right now Brooks' value is very high, maybe as high as it will ever be because of his increased role this season. Packaging him with McGrady is exactly the leverage needed to bring in a difference maker. The question is who are we chasing? I don't like the idea of Iggy, if it means having to take either Brand, Dalembert or both, which would make for a heavy bird around our neck. Also while Iggy's got some skills, his numbers aren't exactly stellar playing for a lower tier team, so I am skeptical all around. Bosh would make the most sense to me, and is something to get exited about, especially the idea of pairing him with Yao next season. Having Bosh would also facilitate moving Landry or Scola in the offseason with the purpose of acquiring that elusive, highly effective wing that would complete the puzzle that is building this team. I also don't think they will be shopping Lowry, because the return wouldn't be near what you would get for Brooks. A big chunk of Lowry's value comes from intangibles. If Bosh is who we're going after, then we won't need to rely on a PG for scoring load. Lowry would exactly be the PG we want if we once again establish a big post presence. Conroy has both a nice skill set and size to him, good on both sides of the court. So, if we are indeed shopping Brooks, I don't think we'll have anything to worry about at the point. I'd like to see a continuation of Lowry's evaluation, I think it would be relevant.
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