Richard Justice Article

2010 January 28
by rahat huq

via Justice: Rockets trust Morey to make the right move | NBA Basketball | – Houston Chronicle.

Now, as the Feb. 19 trade deadline approaches, there’s skepticism around the NBA that any of those players will change teams. James seems to be the most likely, and if he goes anywhere, it’s probably to the Nets or Knicks.

Should Morey stay the course, wait for the summer free-agent marketplace and gamble on getting Bosh or Johnson? If the Rockets get either of them to play beside Yao, they might be one of the three best teams in the Western Conference.

Based on these comments, I’m not too sure Justice is aware of our cap situation this summer.  The obstacle to chasing one of the max-free agents isn’t just that they’re unlikely to leave their current teams – it’s that we won’t even have the financial capacity to do it (without blowing up our core.)

Iguodala has four years and $56.4 million remaining on his contract. Making that deal would eliminate the Rockets from making a run at Bosh or Johnson this summer.

This comment seems to confirm my earlier suspicion.  The Rockets don’t lose the capability to sign a max free-agent just by taking back Iguodala – they already can’t do it at status quo.  If Justice is talking about sign&trades, no move technically “eliminates” the Rockets from making a run.

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