Brooks/Billups Head-to-Head

2010 January 27
by rahat huq

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Courtesy of basketball-reference, I thought this was interesting. These are the head-to-head numbers for Brooks and Billups. When Rafer was still around, a big part of the argument against Brooks was that he wouldn’t fare well against bigger point guards like Billups.

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    Brooks positions himself well on defense, he's athletic enough to compete against the best PG's in the league and does so routinely, but he doesnt seem to make setting up his teammates the first facet of his game, i think AB is better suited for the 2 guard IMO, but then again thats why im brainfarting on here for free. Not really sure if AB's low standing in the assist category is due to him looking to shoot more, or his teammates screwing up easy layup, after easy layup, but Kyle Lowry is averaging about the same amount of assists in 10 fewer MPG. AB's assist/turnover ratio is horrendous (how bout 3rd to last among PG's horrendous), so im confused how best to use his talents.
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