Food for Thought

2010 January 26
by rahat huq

Courtesy of 82games, we take another look at the Rockets’ top five-man floor units.  The second column, Off, gives each unit’s points per possession.  It comes as no surprise that Lowry, Budinger, and Landry are all part of the team’s top two offensive units, thus far.

The fourth column, +/-, gives the team net points for the unit.  The quintet of Brooks, Lowry, Budinger, Landry, and Andersen has by far the highest.  Take this for what it’s worth as the +/- is unadjusted – this doesn’t mean this unit is necessarily the best, but just that they have produced the most efficiently up to this point against their competition.

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  • thacabbage, This is why I like to wait until the "4 minute mark" before I start watching Rockets games. ;-)
  • rahat_huq
    Deuce - always nice to see familiar names drop by
  • Mike
    our starters with a -43. ouch. Any lineup minus Ariza is a step in the right direction.
  • rahat_huq
    yeah, that's painful. but keep in mind that the stat is unadjusted, so doesn't account for the fact that the starters are going up against better competition than the bench. with the starters having a -43 and the bench a +52, i wonder if the solution is to just break up both units, robbing peter to pay paul
  • Easy
    Compare the #3 unit (best offense) and the #10 unit (worst offense). The difference is just one player: Budinger vs Ariza. Go figure!
  • VBG509
    Wow. That really supports Lowry. He's in every one of our best lineups.
  • VBG509
    It's pretty interesting to see Lowry in each of our best unites in terms of Win%.

    I really think Andersen should start over Hayes. Thoughts?
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    andersen is a huge defensive and rebounding liability. at best i see him being another mehmet okur type center, some one who can shoot outside threes when theres a super star power forward controlling the paint (ie boozer). hayes has great D and is not nearly as atrocious on offense as he was a couple years ago. hayes also belongs to the 1% of nba players all time who puts the team above himself.
  • Verbs and Nouns
    rick adelman's forte IS NOT lineup creativity. i have a feeling if you presented him with this 'evidence' he'd look at you like you just interrupted his nap. i really thought this year we'd get a chance to mix and match, find out what works, and adelman is behaving as if he has a lineup that is chiseled from granite. annoying at times, wish he'd throw jermaine taylor out there more, yea dorsey is dumb as a doorknob but you cant teach physicality and tenacity on the boards, i dunno maybe im over-reacting.
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