Thoughts on Clippers – Rockets

2009 December 3
by rahat huq
  • It wouldn’t be a Red94 game review without me expressing indignation toward a slight of Chuck Hayes.  9:30 into the 1st, the Clippers broadcast crew relates to us that when told before the game that he would be guarded by the 6′5 Hayes, Chris Kaman responded saying, “They better double team me.”  So naturally Kaman went 5-16 from the floor for 10 points (to go with 5 boards.)  Yeah, I’m thinking we were fine without the double team.
  • Later in the 1st, the Clips’ crew quotes Adelman as having said, regarding Ariza’s struggles, “Superstars take a lot of shots.  It’s ok to miss them.”  It’s pretty clear that the staff sees Ariza as having a higher ceiling.  I just don’t see it.
  • With 9:30 left in the 2nd, the Clips’ crew tells us that “You just get the feeling that the Clippers have too many weapons for this Rockets team.  They [the Rockets] will have to pitch a perfect game just to beat them.”  Umm.  What.  That quote is, in and of itself, a comedic gold mine; too many ways I can go with that softball.
  • Later in the 2nd we see the unit of Lowry, Brooks, Budinger, Andersen, and Landry, otherwise known as, courtesy of, the second most efficient unit on the team (after the starters.)  Watching them closely, there wasn’t nearly as much movement off the ball as I had initially assumed.  Since the McGrady controversy began, I have been trying to visualize Tracy on the floor while watching different sets in action.  We already know McGrady can initiate the offense from the elbow in the role being played now by Chuck Hayes.  However, you will notice that the two weakside perimeter players are stationary when the offense is initiated on the strong side.  They don’t go into motion until after the first hand-off.  This will need to be examined more closely, but for now, this looks promising.  Tracy and stationary?  Check.
  • With 1:55 left in the 2nd, the Clips’ crew inquires, regarding Rasual Butler  “When we see a game like he had against Denver, are we asking too much to ask for 17 points per game from him?”  Wait.  This is Rasual Butler we are talking about, right?  Was there something I missed in the last month somehow making him relevant?
  • Shane Battier comes out in the third quarter and completely shuts down Baron Davis (except for a few breakaway dunks.)  Naturally this leads me to wonder why this was never even attempted in the playoffs against Deron Williams.  Shane just has this uncanny ability to stay in front of far quicker players by not biting on fakes.  Now that I think about it, it’s not that uncanny.  He just doesn’t bite on fakes.
  • With 3:40 left in the 3rd, the Clips’ crew, regarding Ariza, debates whether he has the mindset to be a go-to scorer, and then concludes that it is his skillset which is the root of his struggles.  This is possibly the first time in 18 games that I have heard a broadcast crew make this completely obvious observation.  Ariza just simply doesn’t have the skills to be elite.  It is as simple as that.
  • With 3:25 left in the 3rd, we see Shane Battier explode down the lane for a one handed dunk attempt.  The sheer shock value had me falling out of my chair.
  • With 8:28 left in the 4th, Baron Davis ties up Carl Landry, literally, getting the jumpball call after putting both arms around Landry’s neck.  I would really be interested in seeing a study that determined how many jumpball calls were actually the result of a legal attempt at the ball (ie: NOT characterized by one player putting both of their arms around the other player’s body.)
  • With 6:17 left in the 4th, Carl faces up Kaman, and we see the signature spin move.  This move has to have the highest efficiency rating on the team.
  • As the game winds down, the Clips’ crew wonders aloud how the Rockets can beat a Clippers team with “so many weapons.”  Ironically, this is what people all around basketball have been wondering in general since last May.  We still haven’t found an explanation for what is taking place.
1:55 in the 2nd “when we see a game like he had against denver, are we asking too much to ask for 17 points per game from him?” – did i miss something?
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  1. Chuck Hayes permalink
    December 5, 2009

    Thanks for the props, bro. I was thinking about pulling a Yao, “You can’t ****ing stop me!”, but decided not to!

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