Bobcats 102, Rockets 94

2010 January 13
by rahat huq

Stephen Jackson dropped 43 points on the Rockets last night, even having the courtesy to, at one point, politely inform their bench that they had no one available with whom to appropriately defend him.

Even more impressive was the stifling ‘D’ the ‘cats used to close out the game.  Elite talent is the ingredient that wins titles, but good coaching can suffice to lift a team into respectability.  If this game was any indication, its clear that Larry Brown has put his stamp on this Charlotte team.

Many are no doubt feeling concerned after this game, but this loss is no cause for embarrassment – the Bobcats are now 14-4 at home.

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  • Sir_Thursday
    I notice the game analysis hasn't been as in depth over the last couple of games...please keep it up! I find your thoughts insightful and enjoyable to read. I realise that the trade stuff is pushing the actual gameplay off to one side a little, but I hope you'll keep an eye on the games! I think how we deal with this next stretch of the schedule will be key in where we end up in the playoff bracket (though the weaker teams are obviously less likely to provide information on how the playoffs will actually go). The race for the last few spots is going to go down to the wire again, so every win counts!
  • rahat_huq
    alituro - i would give it a little more time. they are coming off a tough stretch, so these losses were expected.

    mike - chase's minutes need to substantially increase in the 2nd half of the season. he's part of the team's most efficient offensive units.

    thirdcoast - agreed, and that's the goal for this season. to get that guy for next year.

    physicsgeek - the problem there is that the defense can lay off of lowry's shot and play him for the drive.
  • thirdcoastborn
    Memphis and New Orleans are on our backs. When the game is on the line good teams seem too shut us down and force us to take low percentage shots. Like with Yao these teams make it real hard to get the pass in down low,or if we get the ball they quickly double team. This is when you someone who can create a good shot off the dribble, or post up is needed. Out of Caron Butler,Kevin Martin, and Iggy, i would have to go with Caron. He can post up defenders, take them off the dribble, is athlethic, and is a true two guard. So Ariza goes over too his regular position, and the bench gets better with Battier. I like Foye but now we are stacked at the two and three so maybe we can also get a big man. And since Brian Cook gets no time how about bringing up Dorsey to see if he is ready to contribute.
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    thirdcoast; we definitely need a real 2 but i dont see why lowry cant be the guy your talking about, he creates contact off the dribble and we score with the clock stopped
  • thirdcoastborn
    I love the way Lowry plays, driving to the basket , but in crunch time he will be a defensive liability, because of his height. Just like last night, he would not be able to guard Jackson. What about the playoffs, with him playing the two guard he would have to guard Kobe,Roy, Ginobli, even Jason Richardson would create problems for him.
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    Yea, i hear ya thirdcoast, i live out of houston so i cant watch the games, can someone explain to me how stephen jackson dropped 43 or whatever? was ariza on him? all i hear about is how arizas defense is so good but the only thing ive seen him do is steal inbound passes. As a man to man defender he doesnt seem that special, no where close to the chuck wagon in the post or battier
  • rahat_huq
    battier was actually guarding him, but you are correct - ariza is not anything special as a one on one defender, IMHO.
  • mike
    It's fustrating to see Ariza get 39 minutes and Battier in the upper 30's as well while Budinger gets on the floor for just 17, especially in a game where the offense goes dormant. Maybe they just don't want to push that ankle.
  • Alituro
    I think once again, this loss can be chalked up to and offensively challenged starting crew. They start slow, only to have the reserves build a lead and momentum, only to be quickly squandered at the return of the starting unit in the 2nd half. All momentum is lost and the rest of the game is a uphill struggle. Same old story. I wonder if Rick and Morey are just showcasing these guys as trade bait. Something needs to be done.
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    14-4 at home eh? i could let this one slide, a quasi superstar (jackson) had a great night. We've got the god awful timberwolves tonight and if the rockets can't find a W and we are 1-5 over the last 6 then clearly we have a major problem....

    on an unrelated note is it just me or does it seem like scola will score 80% of his points in one quarter and then just go dormant? gotta love his goofy post moves though
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