Reader Response

2009 December 20
by rahat huq

A reader writes:

“of course pay attention to t-mac. but the article commences when he enters the game! that is over the top. they have been taking out top teams without him. why do you think adelman was reluctant to put him on the floor? you are reinforcing the AP press outlook on the rockets by constantly harping on about t-mac and understating the other players (noteworthy) achievements.”

I want to reiterate, as I had said in my introductory post:

“Overall, my intent is to take a greater macro approach to my analysis of the Houston Rockets.  I’m not particularly concerned with the outcome of each game but rather the factors that are conducive to future growth.  What do we observe in the present that will bear impact upon tomorrow?  That is the lens through which I will proceed.”

Readers will note that I rarely make mention of the outcome of any particular game or even of any of the more obvious factors which impacted its decision.  This may come as odd as it is certainly not in accordance with the normal scope of a sports blog, but it is with good reason.  Game summaries can be extracted from any of the numerous other venues providing coverage on the team.  Red94 is not replacement reading; it is supplemental reading for a targeted ‘die-hard’ audience.

My purpose is not to cheer on the Rockets in their game by game advancement through the 2009 schedule.  My intent with Red94 is to examine the greater overall trends that are germane to the team’s future potential for contention.  If the Rockets win at the buzzer on a Chuck Hayes ‘3’, that has very little predictive value, and thus, is of very little interest.  But if Chuck Hayes suddenly begins shooting 50% from behind the arc, that is a significant development in that it would drastically alter the team’s dynamic.

My day-to-day selections on focus may appear arbitrary and to the exclusion of many relevant factors.  This is simply due to a lack of feasibility.  It’s just not possible to conduct simultaneous assessments while giving each their due diligence.

Thus far, I’ve looked at Trevor Ariza’s skillset, Carl Landry’s ability to score in the post, and Tracy McGrady’s potential role in this offense.  More themes will be discussed in depth as the season unfolds.  Their present omission does not imply disregard.

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  • Anonymous
    i really like what you are doing here. keep it up.
  • Noel
    Rahat Huq,

    I agree with one of your reader, this has become a T-mac blog. It shows in your writings that you're a T-mac worshipper than a Rocket follower. Please stick to Houston Rockets in general as what Durvasa is doing.

    To Durvasa keep it up.....
  • anonymous
    I find it hilarious that all of the posts so far criticizing Rahat have all reeked of a complete lack of reading comprehension ability and even basic grammar competence. Freaking awesome that he just devoted an entire post to explaining the reasons why he has focused on T-Mac and your natural conclusion from this was…”you’re a T-mac worshipper than a Rocket follower.” Please go back to the kiddie table and let the grownups discuss important matters. This place will be a lot more enjoyable once the slower crowd realizes they have the wrong room and goes elsewhere. Self selection at its finest.
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