Some More Interesting Numbers

2009 November 18
by rahat huq

From 82games, thus far, our most effective lineup has been that of Brooks-Lowry-Budinger-Landry-Andersen. Again, take this with a grain of salt as the sample sizes are extremely small (only 20 minutes played together), but this unit so far has the highest offensive efficiency and surprisingly, the third best defensive stringency. The only real possible surprise in that offensive rating is that the unit includes Budinger rather than Ariza, though I personally don’t find this too startling. The real shocker is that a group including Budinger, Andersen, and Landry could produce some semblance of defensive competency, though I would imagine many of these minutes came against lesser teams.

Also of interest is that our top two highest offensive units and our top rated defensive unit all include Brooks and Lowry together in the backcourt. It will be interesting to see how this develops as the season progresses because thus far, the data seems to back up what many have observed – the team is at its best with both small guards playing together. Probably no surprise that Rick opts to close out games with this duo.

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