Aaron Brooks’ Custom Splits

2009 November 16
by rahat huq

Through ten games this season, Aaron Brooks is now averaging 18.3ppg on 45% shooting (35% from 3), to go along with 5.9apg.

However, four of these ten games have come against the Blazers and Lakers. In these four games, Brooks is averaging 23.8ppg on 50% shooting (39% from 3), to go along with 5.75apg.

[Brooks is averaging 24ppg and 5apg on 46% shooting (44% from 3) against the Lakers.

Against the Blazers, he is averaging 23.5pgg and 6.5apg on 55% shooting (33% from 3).]

In his other 6 games, Brooks is averaging 14.7ppg and 6apg on 41% shooting (30% from 3.)


LA and Portland were not arbitrarily selected. In terms of analytical value, these two teams are unique in that last year’s playoffs can serve as a point of reference. We already knew that Brooks fared well against them, (for whatever reason*), so these four performances cannot be considered as indicative of any improvement.

On the strength of Brooks’ overall averages, one would assume he has progressed. However, based on his numbers in the other six games, that unfortunately does not seem to be the case. Brooks’ performances in the four games against LA and Portland have polluted the data, inflating his overall averages.

I had said earlier that Aaron Brooks’ development was my primary concern for this season. As currently composed, for this team to contend in the future, Aaron needs to develop into a consistent, legitimate scoring threat. While it is still extremely early, Brooks’ overall averages aren’t really reflective of the progression that, upon first glance, one would assume has taken place.

He has looked more comfortable distributing and running the offense. While this is certainly a pleasant surprise, what is of paramountcy is his comfort level as a scorer. That he has improved his passing does not change the fact that he probably won’t ever become a ‘good’ playmaker. I feel that the only justification for not utilizing his trade value (which I feel is higher than his actual worth) would be the event that he realizes his scoring potential (consistently).

*In addition, the Lakers and Portland start the two worst point guards in basketball; opponents tailor-made for Aaron Brooks’ to feast upon with his quickness.

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