Kobe Bryant and the Olympics

2010 April 3
by rahat huq

On whether he will play for the U.S. national team this summer: “We’ll see. We’ll see how the season finishes up. Obviously my priority is here. So we’ll see what happens.

What his participation depends on: “How my body feels, things like that. Revisit the [fracture in his right] finger, see if there’s anything we can do in the postseason, something I need to do surgically, stuff like that.”

via TrueHoop Blog – ESPN.

Just a quick thought, browsing through TrueHoop this afternoon, on Kobe’s new extension and the likelihood of him participating in the Olympics, I just don’t see how he could possibly even give it consideration.  At his age, with what he has at stake (ie: his legacy, place in history), he just can’t be putting meaningless wear and tear on his body.

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  • luislandry
    Firstly, he might not consider it meaningless. While I'm certain that success in the less competitive international tournaments is a far lower priority for most players than success in the NBA, it might still be an enjoyable enough experience that players consider it worthwhile. Also, Kobe's legacy only benefited from the last time out, with all these news stories about how all the other stars were awed by Kobe's work ethic and understanding of the game.
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