2010 March 31
by rahat huq

This jumped out at me immediately last night during the pre-game, because, since the trade deadline, one of the hottest storylines around the league has been the emergence of Blatche. Did not realize that Scola has actually played better, and by a pretty wide margin at that.

Like I have said before, you have to feel for Luis. The guy really lost out on a lot of money spending his prime overseas.

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  • Vinh
    Blatche is 23 and is having a coming out since the Haywood trade, not inline with any previous indicators. Hence, the buzz. He will continue to get better.

    Scola was already considered to be a better player. No surprise there.
  • East Coast Rocket Fan
    Avid follower, first-time poster. I thought I might add my two cents about Luis Scola and, in the process, float a scenario to you. As you've discussed at length before, there is much uncertainty regarding the Rockets this offseason, especially with some of their previously undervalued players becoming free-agents. Arguably, the most prominent one is Luis Scola, who, as you've pointed out before, will likely command a salary slight above the mid-level exception. To that end, in our never-ending quest to put the final piece to the puzzle and pair Yao with another weapon down low, would it not be worthwhile to explore the possibility of a Scola-Bosh sign-and-trade? I was thinking more along the lines of packaging Scola, Jefferies (expiring contract), and the Rox first-round pick this year for Bosh, who almost certainly will bolt from north of the border. The salaries seem to fit within the 150% threshold of matching and the proposal might come as close as the Raptors could get in terms of receiving equal value for a franchise player. The question, however, becomes wouldn't pursuing a max-level player contradict all of Morey's philisophies to this point? I only bring this up because it seems Bosh is also a target of your interest, but his talent level may just put him out of the Rox price range. Thoughts?
  • rahat_huq
    a sign and trade for bosh is what i think the preferred course of action would be for the summer. however, you would have to add in some more sweetener to the deal to get toronto to agree to take on jeffries - even though he's expiring, in this economy, teams don't like paying for dead salary, period.

    i don't think he would contradict any philosophy because we don't quite know what the philosophy is. morey has not yet been in a position to pursue a true max player. so while it seems like he only pursues players on the cheap, that's simply because he has never had the resources to do anything else. we just know he avoids overpaying. for bosh, the max is not overpaying.
  • Stephen
    The problem w/Scola in a sign-n-trade is he'd be a BYC player if he gets $4mil plus. So the Rockets would have to add another player salary. If Scola signed for say $6mil,he and Jeffries would have a trade value of almost $$10.9mil,some $1.3mil short of the amount needed. Andersen would work,but now Toronto is just a couple mil under Lux tax w/11(12 w/draft pick) players under contract.
  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    Wait a minute, I thought Spurs drafted him in 2002 (2003?) and he opted to stay in Europe instead of coming to the NBA. I think he made the right decision. (think Darko)
  • rahat_huq
    to my understanding, the spurs held his rights and did not bring him over as they had duncan and did not want to pay for his buyout and contract
  • Elhombredehuelo
    Yeah Scola has been phenomenal this month. However, what is his role going to be on next years squad assuming we keep him? Will Adelman go to him in the post more than in the past to decrease the stress on Yao? Or will he use Scola mainly as a third or fourth option shooting 18 footers all night a-la Antonio Mcdyess these past few years?
  • .asfd
    Still hate Scola and his greasy hair
  • bob schmidt
    Somewhere out there is a place for sports fashion experts, but it's not here......Give me Scola, Dirk, Birdman, and Steve Nash and I'll build you a championship team. Can't believe that you posted this...
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