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2010 March 30
by rahat huq

The Prokhorov portrayed in that “60 Minutes” story is someone plenty of NBA players would love to get to know better.

And that’s where Prokhorov’s most famous misstep could even serve him. Besides buying the Nets, the thing he may be best known for is getting arrested at the French ski resort of Courchevel in early 2007. He was released without charges, but the police who nabbed him told him they did so with the belief the eight attractive young women traveling with his party were prostitutes.

Prokhorov says that “of course” the women were not prostitutes. At the time, the French authorities who locked him up told the press the women may have been paid only with gifts. Somewhere in there, the line between girlfriend and call girl gets a little blurry. But in recent interviews, Prokhorov also does nothing whatsoever to distance himself from the idea of hanging around with tons of young women.

via TrueHoop Blog – ESPN.

I highly recommend Henry Abbott’s latest over at TrueHoop, taking a closer look at the Net’s new owner.

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