Rockets’ Draft Class of 2009

2010 March 30
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by rahat huq

I hate doing this.  Really.  If you’re reading this, you’re well aware that I try to stay as grounded as possible.  But watching Jermaine Taylor and Jordan Hill these past few games, in light of what we saw from Chase Budinger earlier in the year, I just can’t help but wonder if we’re seeing a repeat of 2007 when Daryl Morey, primarily by trade, acquired three guys who are all producing borderline all-star numbers this season.

You can’t tell me AB looked better than Taylor has thus far.

While Scola was by far the most productive of any of the players discussed,  he was also a seasoned international veteran.

While Landry appeared more impressive, having the wow-factor that accompanied those pre-injury springs, Jordan Hill has been just as productive.   (Sidenote: really, before Carl got hurt that year, he looked like he was about to jump through his shoes every time he was near the rim – freakish.  Sad, he has never looked the same since then, despite being a much better player.)  Jordan also has by far the greatest potential out of any of the 6, just by virtue of his physical gifts.

And of course we have Budinger who has displayed a calmness to his game that is rarely seen in players of this age.

I don’t like to throw out labels like ‘future All-Star’ as so few guys actually even ever make it, but it’s really hard to not get the feeling that the Rockets have once more reeled in three impact rotation players from one rookie class.

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  • Stephen
    Quite a makeover this season:
    Martin,Hill,Jeffries,Armstrong(Mid-season trade)
    Minimum of 2 starters,2 rotation and 2 fringe rotation players.
  • Suhas
    Hopefully we'll eventually be saying this about 4 members of the draft class, if Llull becomes a solid contributor.
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