More on Jordan Hill

2010 March 29
by rahat huq

This was by far the best move I have seen Jordan Hill make in a Rockets uniform.  A faceup dribble-spin is elite level for a big.  Kenny Thomas and Carl Landry could do it, but they weren’t 6′10.  This is exciting.  Is Jordan Hill the next Hakeem Olajuwon?  No.  He’s looked very bad in the post at times, even fumbling passes.  The greater point is that these glimpses give hope of what might be yet to come.

Jordan Hill will likely never make an All-Star team.  But it should be clear by now to anyone watching that Stromile Swift he is not.  He has the two things you can’t teach: physical tools and work ethic.  In light of those attributes, these early glimpses of a fine tuned skillset during this infancy stage of his development are incredibly encouraging.

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