Podcast – 3/8

2010 March 8
by rahat huq

This week, Durvasa and I sat down to discuss the impact of advanced statistics on basketball analysis, league-wide crunch time tendencies, and the on-court impact of Shane Battier. Check back a little later today for a full review of Jordan Hill’s big night, replete with game clips.

Red94 podcast – 3/8

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  • Hayesfan
    Awesome! I am so glad that you decided to do an audio podcast. Now if I can just figure out how to subscribe to it in Zune. Durvasa and Rahat if you would like some album art or intro outro type music let me know. I am a podcast junkie/old timer.
  • durvasa
    What software do you recommend for recording the podcasts? And is there anything special we should do to make it subscribable?
  • Alituro
    Nice cast guys, sounds a whole lot better. I see the jury still isn't out on Battier. The stats get kinda convoluted because what they show isn't what we see, they don't compute. I guess it's due to the fact we find Shane's defensive effort more noticeable visually versus the offensive effort. Are the stats you guys using, specific to the individual, or more related to the team's performance with him on the floor? I wonder how they compare. Reason being is stats for just him, definitely show that he makes wise decisions when the ball is in his hands, but as we know that does not happen 20% of the team's possesions down the floor. So are the efficiency ratings cited in the podcast, just based on him in particular, or on the team's performance both offensively and defensively when he is both on or off the floor. Kind of like with Lowry, we know that his overall impact on the game is much more severe than simply 8pts and 4 asst and 5 reb because of the overall performance of the team when he is on the floor. I guess that the numbers would flip flop in Shane's case, having better team defensive efficiency with him on, and worse offensive efficiency. Thanks again for raising the subject, you guys do such a good job on the blog, that I feel like it is written just for me.
  • durvasa
    So the numbers regarding Battier that we referred to during the podcast was the adjusted +/- from HoopNumbers. I wrote about them in a post last week. It can be thought of as the expected impact on team performance (offense and/or defense) with him on the floor versus off the floor. Strangely, it seems to suggest that Battier has had a more positive impact on the offense rather than the defense, which if true would be completely counter-intuitive. I would not accept what those numbers say as gospel, but I do think there is an argument to be made that Battier's defense is overrated while his offense may be underrated.
  • Alituro
    So maybe if we balance our intuition with the stats, we can conclude that Battier is an all around good player, rarely if ever making bad decisions on either end of the floor. It has to be his lack of athleticism and pizazz that makes it easy for him to seem unimpressive to a casual viewer. I think without a doubt we are seeing a future NBA coach in the making.
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