Red94 Officially Joins the ESPN TrueHoop Network

2009 December 7
by rahat huq

A few weeks ago, I decided to start red94 as I wanted to compile a collection of my writings on the Rockets.  This team is particularly fascinating because Daryl Morey is engaging in an experiment unprecedented thus far in this league.  He’s attempting to shift the paradigm and the results thus far are challenging what we once thought we knew.  The success of a team comprised primarily of second round picks must be predicated upon something unbeknownst within the body of conventional wisdom.  The intrigue is in its search and discovery.

You can expect essays pertaining to the team, such as my season preview or my retrospective assessment of management’s free agency decisions.

I will often provide in depth player evaluations such as my article on Trevor Ariza or my reflection on Ron Artest.

And of course, one can expect a review of each game such as this one.

Overall, my intent is to take a greater macro approach to my analysis of the Houston Rockets.  I’m not particularly concerned with the outcome of each game but rather the factors that are conducive to future growth.  What do we observe in the present that will bear impact upon tomorrow?  That is the lens through which I will proceed.

I am ecstatic to be joining the TrueHoop network and am looking forward to providing fresh content pertaining to the Houston Rockets.

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  • Congrats. Big accomplishment.
  • Stacey
  • NobodyisBetterthanJordan
    I noticed the Rockets Buzz feed was pretty slow on updates, so I guess as long as you're consistently on the ball I be checking it out.
  • BIgYul
    Great articles. You were right on a lot of points. I have been following Rockets since Hakeem went to U of H. I agree I think McGrady can be a true asset if he buys into team concept and saves his scoring opportunites until the fourth quarter (usually his least productive).I look foward to your essays and will have to get the word out.
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