Podcast – 3/1

2010 March 1
by rahat huq

As a supplement to the blog, Durvasa and I will begin recording a weekly podcast to discuss some of the broader themes pertaining to the team.  This week, we focus on the Brooks/Martin backcourt, the Rockets’ fading defensive identity, and offseason possibilities.

Red94 podcast – 3/1

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  • Nij
    Great discussion. Another point (not sure if stats back this up): Most teams defensive intensity goes up during the playoffs. Proabably due to longer timeouts, no back to backs, etc. Maybe Morey thinks elite offensive talent is even more important in the playoffs?
  • durvasa
    I understand the argument there, but it does seem that being a good defensive team becomes more important in the playoffs when games tend to become more half-court oriented. I think it is debatable, either way.
  • Alituro
    Nice talk y'all, you were like two little devils on my shoulder talking in each ear. Keep it up, I enjoyed it.
  • VBG509
    Gonna subscribe on ITunes
  • galileo
    Good stuff, guys. One main thing for next time: don't pan so hard, if at all. Something more in the center would sound better.
  • rahat_huq
    yeah, we still need to figure out how to optimize that. we were having some major issues there.
  • echu888
    hi guys, I enjoyed the podcast. Surprised durvasa didn't sound like spock... :-)
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