Rockets Land Kevin Martin for McGrady, Landry

2010 February 18
by rahat huq

These were my thoughts after news of the initial deal last night sending Kevin Martin to the Rockets for Carl Landry.


Absolute must read article on Kevin Martin. This might explain why Morey was so hot in pursuit.

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still waiting for the other shoe to drop…

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alan hahn, knicks beat writer, seems to think mcgrady will still end up in new york.

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this will be a very long day.

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For the Kings though, this was just an absolute grand-slam. Petrie has to feel ecstatic about adding a big, physical piece like Landry to that young nucleus.

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The best aspect of this is the irony – we had joked, almost all week, that the ultimate outcome would result in something unforeseen, as Daryl Morey had never before made a deal leaked earlier in the press. Then I see the tweet.

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I feel like there almost has to be something else significant on the way from New York, whether it be Hill or even Tyrus Thomas (en route from Chicago via Harrington.)

It just doesn’t fit Morey’s temperament, of what we know, that he would almost suddenly relent in the 11th hour and make what seems to be a fairly equal swap.

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Thinking of some of the possibilities if this becomes a 3-way, as heavily rumored, this deal could end up a total coup for Morey & co.

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I don’t want to pass any judgment until the dust settles (as there is much talk of this escalating into a 3-way), but, upon first reaction, I’m beyond disbelief that the team has agreed to move Carl Landry in this deal for Kevin Martin.

We’ll see what ensues as we approach the deadline.

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  • echu888
    rahat, that slamonline article about Martin has got me pumped. I believe Morey & Adelman's strategy revolves around throwing up a ton of 3s, drawing a lot of fouls (thru penetration on the offensive end and drawing charges on the defensive end). Thus you have a roster of non-traditional characters such as Battier, Hayes, and now Martin.

    I'm really excited about this. Tough to lose Landry, but as stated, gotta give something to get something. We have some good redundancy in Scola in terms of being able to put the ball in the hole from the low post, so the net loss is not big.

    But the effect of getting Martin is like getting another Kyle Lowry, but this one can shoot 3s.... The culmulative effect of Martin & Lowry getting to the hole and getting us into the bonus is going to have a tremendous effect on the games.
  • bob schmidt
    The next 8 hours will be interesting, more trading is likely on the way. When the dust settles, we'll have plenty to talk about. Big changes with long term implications are probable.
  • luislandry
    I hope they get a great deal, but at least a part of me has to support the Kings now, Landry is a favorite. Hopefully he gets a chance to start, I'm not sure how they play people but from what I've read Casspi does guard SFs. Based on last night's starting lineups, Landry could start in place of Donte Green. He'll have a fun time cleaning up after Tyreke's drives!

    For the Rockets, I also want to hold off judgment until the entire trade is complete...
  • rahat_huq
    bob - it's funny. my jaw dropped when i read the report. literally. but then i read the new york reports, and you have this feeling this could end up huge.

    luis - that kings team is literally stacked with young talent. its sickening.
  • jason b.
    Maybe, like you said, Morey saw Landry's ultimate value in the fact that he was undervalued. Surely he can pluck another quality four from under someone else's nose. In Morey we trust, right.

    And look at all the expirings that come fastened to Kevin "I'm a genius at getting to the free throw line" Martin! I hope you're stunned, as in startled, not dismayed.
  • rahat_huq
    definitely not dismayed - martin is a better player than landry. just shocked because daryl morey has never even come close to paying full value in a trade; so the initial report was a shock to read.
  • bob schmidt
    In just over a year, Landry will be making close to K-mart money. We're playing Texas Hold-em right now. We have the pieces to package a deal to someone who may have wanted K-mart badly. Regardless of how this turns out, we have traded a great 6th man for a needed starter as it stands right now, and by itself that's not too bad.....
  • Kade
    This looks like a horrible deal for the Rockets and completely stunned we would give up Landry to get a player who can't stay injury free. How this could end up as a coup for the Rockets I can't see it.
  • rahat_huq
    depends on if they can get more with a 3-way. we'll have to wait.
  • david_etheredge
    Not to jump the gun, but does the Rox starting five become Brooks, Martin, Battier, Ariza, Scola? Or does one of the forwards (Ariza?) get pushed to the bench with Chuckwagon staying at C?

    And IF Yao makes it back, doesn't Brooks, Martin, Battier, Scola, Ming look pretty fierce as a core?
  • Hustler

    I am eagerly waiting for your thoughts on Martin. I hope you have seen him play a lil bit.

  • physicsgeekandrocketsfan
    The four spot was getting crowded, scola should'nt be splitting too much time with someone else. we will have cap space this summer. think battier for gay, think alston for lowry... in morey we trust, in morey we trust
  • Is this our Thorpe for Drexler trade? Scroll all the way down for the answer.

  • david_etheredge
    echu888 - we saw what this team does when it knocks down its 3s against the Bucks last night. The whole scoring efficiency argument in favor of three point shots paired with Morey grabbing Budinger in the draft and now Martin suggests to me that Morey is remaking this team in "moneyball" fashion to take advantage of something that other GMs have failed to perceive in terms of the most effective way to put points on the board. We're moving closer to a time when every player on the court except for the guy playing faux-center is going to be capable of knocking down 3s.

    Can't wait to see this team play.
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