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2010 February 17
by rahat huq

Jonathan Feigen endorsed the Bulls offer in his blog this morning, describing the choice as “clear.”

About Tyrus Thomas, he says:

The same can be said of Tyrus Thomas. He does at times see to think of himself a player that has accomplished much more than he has, but there are times he can be spectacular, with a chance to give the Rockets the front-court athleticism they lack, and sooner than Hill can.

From 82games, Thomas has the second highest rating on the Bulls, even before Rose.

The team is also significantly better defensively with him on the court.

The few times I have watched him play, Thomas struck me as extremely undisciplined and completely unskilled.  But perhaps, like Kyle Lowry, Morey has identified some hidden impact we are overlooking and feels the young power forward is still salvageable with the proper tutelage.

If the Knicks’ picks are not protected, that route should unequivocally be the clear choice.  But if they are, there might be some intrigue to Thomas, unbeknownst to the casual eye, which is swaying Morey towards the Bulls.

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  • Mike B
    Eh, I'm not sold, but I'll certainly take him if the Knicks back off of the picks.

    I think you have to consider who he's replacing when you talk about the team being better defensively. Without knowing their substitution patterns, I would assume he's replacing Deng or Hinrich/Salmons (shifting Salmons/Hinrich to the 2 and Deng to the 3) a fair amount of the time. That will undoubtedly add to the overall defense, having another shot-blocking threat.

    More importantly, I just don't know that he fits with Yao if we keep him. I know we need the athleticism but I just don't see him contributing much next to Yao, and if we're just using him for the contract why not just take NY's deal with the picks.
  • rahat_huq
    i think the problem though is that the chicago deal will also include picks. feigen seems to be sold that they will be protected, describing the offers as similar.

    so if it's basically hill vs. thomas....
  • Filipe
    Those Thomas stats are questionable. He was hurt in the early part of the season when the Bulls was truly awful. They improved around the time he show up, but more important was that Hinrich was moved to the starting line up and Rose finally looked healthy and start to have the season most expect for him. Bulls season is pretty much divided in two and Thomas was around only to the good part, better numbers follow.

    I watch a lot of Bulls because my roommate roots for them and I can say that Thomas does a great play and them follow it with 4 dumb ones over and over again. He is a head case, lazy and not the smartest player. Really doesn't looks as Morey type at all. Also he has 4 seasons to get it and failed to do so, I rather take a project and a few picks.
  • echu888
    "The few times I have watched him play, Thomas struck me as extremely undisciplined and completely unskilled."

    We already have Ariza..... no need for another.
  • jason b.
    Bulls fan here.

    - "proper tutelage" -- indeed Tyrus is yet to receive this. Moreover, he has not had the best relationships with his head coaches. This is cause for concern, to be sure, but neither Skiles nor Del Negro compare favorably to Rick Adelman.
    - "undisciplined" yes, "unskilled"? I cannot support this.

    Tyrus is an energy big who loves defense, and his mid-range game is respectable. Though a space cadet (often confused for sloth), all is not lost for him. Personally, I have always liked Tyrus and think Houston's style would serve him well.
  • bob schmidt
    Tyrus Thomas stats look pretty good, PER is in the mid 17s. That is better than most of the Rockets. Hill is much less developed at this point, hello D-League.............
  • thirdcoastborn
    If the Bulls add Salmon with Thomas it will be better trade then with the Knicks. Larry Hughes is not the answer, and with Battier you dont need Jeffries, especially since he will come off the bench and earn almost as much as Ariza this year.
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