Trade Notes

2010 February 16
by rahat huq

Amidst the slew of tweets and beat updates, there has been an almost surreal feel to the past 24 hours.  Basketball’s Mecca lies vacant, in yearn of a King.  Standing between New York’s Knickerbockers and eternal salvation has been the man I have been attempting to cover for the past three months.

It’s hard to believe there are breathing human beings who actually oppose this rumored trade with the Knicks.  I have to wonder what exactly some of you were expecting.

If it goes down as reported, the Rockets would lose nothing, move far enough below the tax line to re-sign their free agents, pick up a former lottery pick in Jordan Hill, and potentially two new ones in the next two years.  All for a gimpy Tracy McGrady.

It’s hard to see how anyone can’t like that.

Still, there’s far too much uncertainty to delve too deeply into the ramifications of such a deal.  There were reports earlier in the day that the team was leaning more towards offers other than the one from New York.  The Chronicle’s Jonathon Feigen even suggested that Morey could be working on a smaller deal with Philadelphia, not involving Tracy McGrady(‘s contract.)

It appears we will have to wait until the deadline to see how this all plays out.

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  • bob schmidt
    Regardless of the final form that a trade takes, I'll be relieved that it's over. We'll finally have some assets that are more reflective of our payroll. Even with several recent disappointing losses, the Rox have stayed competitive with the use of less than a 30 million dollar payroll.
  • jason b.
    And he has taken to the blog to get a few things off his chest.
  • rahat_huq
    and my god, does it feel good
  • mikol13
    Make this deal with the Knicks. Hill who has a ton of potential possibly two lottery picks. It's actually more than I thought the Rockets could get. Only way I consider Bulls deal is if they throw in Noah or add picks.
  • jason b.
    Axiom: Every true NBA fan has an "other" favorite team. The Rockets are mine.

    Indeed, my team is the Chicago Bulls, first and foremost. (Please be nice)...and PLEASE stop with this Joakim Noah talk. Our front office may be irrational, but they are not stupid. =)
  • mikol13
    Well I disagree with you, how can you be a true fan of a team and like another one at the same time? I'm a Rocket only fan, my loyalty lies with them and them alone. Now I appreciate teams like say the Celtics or Lakers for their rich tradition, but like? No. I brought up Noah strictly because it's been said Morey covets him. Did I actually think the Bulls would part with him? No. My point was without picks and or Noah I don't want any of the guys back the Bulls were offering, they don't help in the future and two of them tie up our capspace. So no deal as far as I'm concerned, they just are not worth it;-}
  • Mike B
    I'm ready to throw a parade for Morey if he lands those two Knick picks. But, I suppose we should wait until it leads to a championship.
  • NBA Law
    I agree, the NY trade proposals are far and above any Chicago deals. Although, I can picture Brad Miller in the high post for the Rockets. I'd even do it for the '12 pick as top ten protected. Mainly, cause of Morey's ability to draft talent. Also, the first round pick swap has got that potential for gold - NY signs Rudy Gay and David Lee and someone gets hurt and blammo, high lottery pick.

    Does Tyrus Thomas get us much closer to a title? Or does, just the chance, that Morey and staff get a shot at their first high lottery pick give us a better shot at a title?
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