[video] Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings

If you’re wondering why the background of this interview seems unfamiliar, it’s because it took place in the Toyota Center storage area.  Monta actually ducked out of the lockerroom and headed off before we were even let in.  Bucks PR rushed and stopped him so we could get in a word.  Typical Monta, I’m told.

My favorite moments in a lockerroom are when the players are fixated on the television screen upon some other game that is going on.  It’s just interesting watching them watch their own peers.

On this particular night, as I entered the visiting lockerroom, the Bucks’ eyes were glued to the finale of Knicks-Warriors.  As you’ve heard by now, Steph Curry had 54 points.  As time ran out and New York sealed off the win, the Bucks were not happy.

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