[video] Houston Rockets summer league mini-camp Day 2

So we waited for about an hour and a half today before we were let in to the court.  Arriving at 11:30, I put in enough on the parking meter to last me till 2.  Lucky for me because I was expecting to get out of there by 1.

When we got in, they were doing what you see in the video above.  Exciting, I know.  (No danger of exceeding the two minute limit.)  Patrick Patterson, like yesterday, sat against the basket support and watched.  He pointed out instructions to Greg Smith from time to time when the latter would mess up.  At just like 24 or 25, Pat is now the elder statesman on this team.

Given his eccentricities, I thought D-Mo would be more talkative than this.  Maybe he doesn’t like me.

Now that I think about it, I actually think I’ve asked Chandler different iterations of this same question at least three other times over the course of the past year.  Hopefully he doesn’t remember.  You never want to be that guy.

Royce White–below–was the last guy to leave the court.  Like yesterday, he stayed and practiced his shooting with coaches.  His is an extremely ugly shot with a strange hitch right around the release.  I watched him take about ten consecutive mid range shots at one point and brick all of them.

Having said that, the guy is working his tail off and clearly realizes he needs to improve.  Royce White is one of the bright spots on this team.

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