The Rockets Daily – July 31, 2013

Duh’Antoni – My favorite headline of the week, by far: Mike D’Antoni doesn’t understand why Dwight Howard left L.A.

From the worldwide leader:

“It’s hard for me to sit here and criticize or even to understand why he left a place like L.A.,” D’Antoni told “ESPN L.A. Now” hosts Mark Willard and Mychal Thompson on ESPN LA 710 radio Tuesday. “That’s kind of mind-boggling a little bit, but that’s in his DNA and what he wants to do.”

I mean, I don’t know. It’s not like Howard ever said he wanted the Lakers to hire a different coach or anything like that.

Simplify – Steve Nash, speaking to Yahoo Sports Radio, is far less befuddled when it comes to Dwight:

“I just don’t think he was ever comforable in L.A.”

Rambling Man – Bill Simmons just let loose part 1 of a zillion-word column on free agency, which is wonderful for basketball junkies in July.

From a footnote, it’s unbelievable how well the Harden trade turned out for the Rockets in retrospect:

  1. Now that the trade has shaken out (Harden for one year of Kevin Martin, Jeremy Lamb, Steven Adams and a future Dallas no. 1 pick) it’s actually 20 cents on the dollar. They gave away the best 2-guard in basketball for two bench players and a pick. Yikes. I’ve said more than enough about this trade, but it continues to amaze me.

This is like the inverse of the L.A.-Memphis Gasol trade. That looked outrageous at the time, but more reasonable as time goes on. If Jeremy Lamb doesn’t pan out, the Harden trade could be the biggest heist of the 21st century. Now on to Dwight:

I covered every reason why I’d be afraid to pay him max money last May, but kudos to Dwight for making a clever basketball decision. He wagered on a top-10 player (James Harden); a top-five GM (Daryl Morey); a good owner (Leslie Alexander); the chance to re-create what he had with the 2009 Magic (who surrounded him with quality outside shooters who opened up the paint for him); and a city that gives him a decent chance to break Calvin Murphy’s “most kids by the most women” NBA record (in progress).

Also, consider that link to be entry no. 5 in my ongoing What To Expect When You’re Expecting series on Dwight. The scariest piece of it compares Dwight’s last two seasons to the decline of other star big men, and reveals that of four stars who had similar declines, only David Robinson made another All-Star team. Yikes.

Tweet That: Tweetnado Edition

So on Tuesday afternoon, this popped up in my feed from the Fearless Leader:


Ok, we’ve all made a few typos, let’s wait and see what Morey meant to say…


Now it’s getting a little uncomfortable… hang on… I think I hear someth–



Right now I’m thinking either: A) Morey went to Vegas to scout Summer League, stayed too long, and Vegas is happening to his iPhone, B) Sam Presti hacked his account for revenge for the Harden trade or C) A and B together.

But I do a little digging and find out it all started with this extended tweet.


Not sure what prompted those unrelated statements, but there they are. Apparently he was offering a compliment to Mitt Romney, and his phone resisted. Or something like that. I’ll just leave that there.

A few minutes later all of those tweets were deleted, and we had our sane, self-deprecating GM back:

The lesson as always: sports and politics don’t mix.

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