Texans again, All-rookie teams, Chris Paul

So the Texans are likely to remain atop ESPN’s weekly power rankings this week, when they come out, after another dominant performance. I know next to nothing about football. But that one guy threw the ball down the field for plays, those other two guys ran well with the ball, and that one really tall white guy did a lot of stuff on the other end. So…umm…yeah, that’s the depth and extent of my analysis.

But really, all jokes aside, even for a basketball guy like myself, this has been incredible to watch. It’s not often that one of your city’s teams is described as dominant by the national media, with stars sprinkled upon both sides of the ball. The last time I can remember that happening was ’05 when Oswalt, Clemens, and Pettite were, I think, ranked 1, 2, and 3, respectively in national league ERA, or something ridiculous along those lines. With that said, why am I so morbid that I’m always asking myself, “how long can it last?” Schaub’s young in quarterback years, Foster probably has a good three years left, the defense is in its infancy, but you really hold your breath about Andre Johnson.

On that note, when it comes to football, I find myself doing a lot of just that: holding my breath. Honestly, it amazes me that even more injuries don’t occur. You have guys, literally, over the course of three hours, trying to kill each other. The human body isn’t designed for that kind of combat, pads or not. In actuality, when I watch Texans games, I find myself expending as much energy hoping no one gets hurt as I do hoping the good guys win.

On to the Rockets, before I lose most of you: one of the four rookies will make the All-Rookie team. (The very sound of that…four rookies…is like sweet nectar to my ears.) Actually, I’ll go out on a limb and say that one of them will make first team and one will make second team. I’m not sure which two of the four because each, in his own respect, has impressed and will get a chance. Lamb will put up the most points but I expect to see Royce White make it onto quite a few highlight reels with his passing.

A final note is on Daryl Morey who took the time to answer questions on Reddit’s ‘Ask me Anything’ section. Aside from his thoughts on the Romney campaign (regarding which I can’t comment on this blog), the most interesting note was, when asked to name his All-time Top 5 starting lineup, he included Chris Paul. Snubbing Magic Johnson.

Readers of this blog and followers of my Twitter account are well aware of my infatuation with Paul. In some ways, I feel vindicated knowing that a man who I highly respect as a talent evaluator feels similarly about the player I cited as my favorite in the entire league. One wonders what Morey’s offer was when Paul first became available on the market some years ago.

What makes Paul unique, aside from his intelligence, is his ability to keep the dribble tight when penetrating, taking small steps. If you watch, when most guys drive in, it’s almost like a muscle memory action: they blow by their man with a big fist step and then go on to the basket or their shot with the next few steps. Their really isn’t much room to make more decisions. But Paul takes a small step, stops, gets in front of his man, and then almost re-evaluates the entire situation, seemingly walking through the lane. It’s amazing the watch.

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