Talking Smack to Dinosaurs

Once again, Sam Holako of the expertly run Raptors Republic, one of our sister blogs in the TrueHoop Network, spoke to me about the Rockets in preparation for tonight’s showdown with Toronto. I refuse to block quote myself in fear of being a complete wanker, but Rockets fans should definitely read and get my unlikely-to-get-much-fan-mail evaluation of Luis Scola and his value to this team. There are also questions about Yao being traded and the starting point guard situation, so read some more nonsense I said over there before you tear it up tonight… responsibly. And after watching the game.

  • Josh

    My question is, why do you still consider Ariza to be the superior talent over lee? Have you seen the man’s stats? they are simply atorcious (AND he’s playing next to chris paul). CLee on the other hand looks like budding defensive force.

  • Bob schmidt

    I’m glad that you aren’t engineering the Rocket’s roster Jacob. You would apparently get rid of Scola as over-paid, and Brooks as not worth median income for a PG. In addition, you apparently like Ariza over Lee, an astounding preference in my estimation.

    I suspect that you enjoy climbing out on a limb with thoughts that even you probably don’t agree with, just for the fun of it. For what it’s worth, which is not very much, Scola is a damn good value at the salary he is paid. Brooks is a valuable part of the team well-worth what it will take to re-sign him, and I wouldn’t want Ariza back if he played for free. Sorry Jacob, we’ll have to agree to disagree on your smack with the dinos.

  • Patrick

    The whole interview seemed overly negative and pessimistic. I know you’re very reserved in supporting the team, but both the Lee and Scola comments were very odd. Lee doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, plays disciplined D, and hits his shots when open. He’s a very solid role player. The notion that it was all about a salary dump is absurd, he’s been an extremely capable backup SG and could start for many teams.

    Your commentary on Scola is equally perplexing. Even after the Landry trade, Scola was still scoring less per minute and rebounding at similar levels. His play has been noticeably elevated this year, not the same old Scola that you said was here after the Landry trade.

    It’s almost as if you are trying so hard not to be a fan, or not to be at all positive that you just sound like you are pouting. You knock the value of Yao’s contract, you knock Lee, and then you somewhat knock Scola. It’s ok to be positive every once in a while, Jacob.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t discount that I’m a pessimist and probably shouldn’t be allowed to run an NBA team (or raise a child or pay a mortgage), but I was insisting nothing other than shifting towards rebuilding, something that would make Scola’s contract unreasonable as we win 40 games a season. It’s not that he would kill us with that contract; it just wouldn’t make much sense for us to have during the next two years if we attempt to rebuild in earnest.

    In Brooks’ case, I would also love to have him, but his contract situation puts his place on this roster in flux. Perhaps with a more team-friendly CBA, he will become affordable and not be perfect for trading, but as it stands right now, he’s an affordable asset that other teams want and can be packaged with any number of contracts to make a deal for an impact player or young stud.

    And as for Lee, I never said I’d rather have Ariza. I said the moves that brought in Ariza and Lee don’t look that great from a personnel perspective. I prefer Lee because he won’t firebomb an offense and plays above-average on-the-ball D, but Ariza played better D on-the-ball the last two years (I haven’t been able to watch more than a couple Hornets game this year, so I base my disgust with Ariza off of a few writers’ reactions and don’t know how his D has been). They both can’t do much with the ball (Lee’s backup 1 abilities are farcical, and whenever he takes a shot off the dribble, I cringe) and rely on a system or other player to produce their offense. I like Lee, but I mostly think that deal this offseason was brilliant because it afforded us so much more flexibility.

    I hope I adequately explained myself because my head throbs with floods of champagne.

  • Daryl

    Hey Jacob, how about go follow a different team. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    If I wanted to cheer for a perfect team, I’d buy an XBox 360 and make one on NBA 2K. I follow a team with flaws, complexities and failures, and I love that team to death. But I have no blind faith in anything, much less this basketball team.

    I hope that my worries and suggestions don’t make people think I do anything but care deeply about this team, but no one else’s opinion will stop me from watching my favorite team play my favorite sport (and basically favorite thing) and writing about both. That said, thanks for the feedback, and here’s to a new year of success for the Houston Rockets; may they be blessed with many wins in 2011.

  • Daryl

    No one thinks you don’t care about the team. Problem is, apparently you don’t know a whole lot about them.

    1. What kind of insider information makes you think the chances of trading Yao’s contract is “slim and none”? From everything that I’ve heard there are several teams who are inquiring. It seems to me that this is one of our more attractive assets headed into the trade deadline. If you don’t know the answer when someone asks you a question, just say that. No need to make **** up.

    2. If you see returning Brooks to a bench role as “punishment”, how exactly should Lowry take it, after practically single handedly saving our season. Why should ROCKET fans care about AB’s wittle feelings when the TEAM and winning is all that matters. Lowry contributes to both and fits perfectly with the starting 5.

    3. And this one is the kicker. How the hell was Ariza for Lee a salary dump when 1. Lee is a frickin better player 2. Lee is a better fit 3. You even admitted that you wouldn’t take Ariza back. Should we actually be bemoaning the fact that Lee is on a cheaper contract? We got the better player on the cheaper contract: Must be a salary dump!!!! How asinine can you be?

    With that said, it is great that you care so much about the Rockets. Unfortunately, “caring” alone isn’t quite enough when readers expect some factual accountability, and plain common sense when it comes to someone writing about our team. If that is too much to ask, then maybe you should stick to being a fan like the rest of us, and leave the writing and opining to people better at it.

  • Well Said……………..

  • David

    I actually really enjoy someone bringing what has been referred to as a “pessimistic” view point. After living in Utah the majority of my life and listening to the Jazz fans complain about Bryon Russle not being a perennial all star I really like a dose of reality with all the other “homer” sports writing. Thanks Jacob.


  • Stephen

    The Catch-22 for the Rockets is if you put LeBron,Wade,Kobe on this team,it would be a championship contender-even w/out Yao.
    The catch of course is getting that kind of star 🙂

    I would disagree on Scola,simply because he isn’t paid that much and provides the example in hustle and professionalism a young team needs.

    Brooks I agree should be traded,simply because I don’t think he’s the distributing PG I think the Rockets need.

  • Eric

    Like all genuinely bitter and hateful internet douchebags, Daryl, I might ask why is it that if you are so offended by the content of this website (and this man’s writing in particular) that you continue to spend your time reading it? You must literally have nothing better to do with your time/life. For that my friend, I am very sorry. Our particular competition-centric socio-political system can be very unforgiving at times, but I might suggest that you try getting a girlfriend or, if that doesn’t work out for you, a confidence building hobby. I hear that wood-working can be very relaxing and isn’t too difficult to learn.

  • Daryl

    I come to this site to read rahut aka thecabbage. I happened upon the pile of garbage that is this entry. I agree with you, I indeed wasted my time by reading it.

  • Eric

    and also by writing a childishly hateful diatribe and by spelling Rahat’s name wrong.

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