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What went wrong for the Houston Rockets in 2016? – Part 2

Recall from Part 1 that Houston’s most used lineup of Ariza/Beverley/Harden/Howard/Motiejunas was a +11 in 295 minutes played.  This came as a huge surprise because even after he returned, Motiejunas still wasn’t at full form this year.  I’m wondering if the year would have gone differently had he simply been healthy from the start.  By […]

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What went wrong for the Houston Rockets in 2016? – Part 1

I’ve now had over 48 hours to digest the disappointing end to Houston’s season.  What started out in October carrying expectations of title contention ended in utter embarrassment, with the franchise now unexpectedly again at a crossroads.  The Houston Rockets thought they were right there and now, they’ll need to tear it all down completely. […]

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