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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy – Part 6

I haven’t updated this series since October 15, 2010, a gap of close to two years. There’s no point in trying to rehash all that we’ve learned during that span – too much has happened. But there was a pretty interesting development over the weekend, at this year’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which merited some […]

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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy 5.3

Perhaps the greatest misnomer regarding Daryl Morey pertains to his use of statistical analysis.  There exists an assumption by a frighteningly large majority that the Rockets general manager is guided only by stats in his personnel decision making.  There just is not any indication that this is true and the phenomenon is reflective of a […]

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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy 5.2

Much was said over the course of the Trevor Ariza saga.  It was assumed that the former Laker was signed as an heir apparent, the new “go-to” option for the Rockets, despite Daryl Morey’s many statements to the contrary.  Now it’s being posited, even accepted as truth, that Ariza’s exile was an admission of mistake […]

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