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Discerning Morey’s Philosophy – Part 8

These are trying times for Daryl Morey.  After early acclaim, consecutive lottery finishes have brought out the skeptics in full force.  “How can one be deemed competent, much less some sort of genius, without tangible results?” the thinking goes. As I’ve explained in all of my evaluations, of just about everyone from Kevin McHale to […]

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Report Cards: Daryl Morey, Part 2; Discerning Morey’s Philosophy Part 7.1

This post is Part 2 of a three-part assessment of Daryl Morey’s performance in 2012.  Part 1 can be accessed here.  It is also cross-listed within the Morey series, an evaluation of Daryl Morey’s overall tenure with the Houston Rockets. Awaiting verdict: Marcus Morris Most people following this team would define Marcus Morris as a […]

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Report cards: Daryl Morey, or, Discerning Morey’s Philosophy Part 7

This article has been broken into three separate installments to be published on different dates.  It will also be cross-listed within the Morey series simply due to the relevance in subject matter. Grade: B+ What we need to remember is that assessment should be driven by process, not solely results.  If a patient comes into the […]

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