Houston Rockets pursuing Rajon Rondo

ESPN’s Marc Stein has been tweeting all day that the Rockets and Celtics have begun discussions involving point guard Rajon Rondo.

Stein also posted a brief article summing up the days’ tweets.

Yet sources told ESPN.com that talks between the teams have not progressed to a serious stage because the sides can’t agree on a trade framework both can embrace.    

Assuming the trade package from the Rockets’ end is built around Omer Asik, this makes for a very difficult negotiation.  Both teams expect first round picks for their assets, and the Celtics have the upper-hand due to Asik’s balloon payments.  Ideally, the pick the Rockets expect for Asik would offset one of the picks Boston would like in return for Rondo and the deal could get done with only one first changing hands.

This post will be updated as more news is made available.

And to get a jump on the Rondo-can’t-shoot talk, allow me to introduce you to Kirk Goldsberry.


Rondo may not shoot the three, but he doesn’t kill the Rockets floor spacing as much as most might expect.  His positives greatly outweigh his negatives.

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