Rockets move to 8-3 after toppling LA Clippers

  • James Harden put the Rockets on his back to the tune of 47 points and it didn’t even feel like that big of a deal because the point total wasn’t anything beyond the norm. There’s really nothing left to say about this guy, from an offensive perspective. Harden was clearly the best player on the floor while sharing the court with a guy who hilariously has been compared to Michael Jordan recently by some media members after beating a crippled Warriors team in the Finals. Don’t get me started on this.
  • I felt really good after the win but also extremely uneasy given the completely expected trend we’re seeing now with regularity of teams leaving Russell Westbrook completely wide open at the three point line when James Harden has the basketball. Last night Russ went 2-8. This is something we talked about last summer and its not going to get any better because Russ is just a very poor shooter. It was funny because on one of his two makes, he caught the ball and dribbled it once, almost to simulate the off-the-dribble rhythm he is clearly so much more comfortable with. Having Danuel House and Eric Gordon back will help mitigate against this but Russ will clearly always be the open man. He’s so explosively quick that on several questions, he was able to put the ball on the floor and get to the basket even when a defender wasn’t necessarily closing out. As of right now, as great a hindrance as his poor shooting is, I think his greatest value is just giving James Harden a break every few possessions to where Harden can loaf around on the perimeter while Russ plays 4 on 4. As strange as this sounds, as magnificent as Harden is and has been, maybe just a break every now and then is all he really needs to finally get over the hump? This is very much a developing story.
  • Clint has come back with a vengeance after my slander, which is good to see. He is safe for now from my wrath.
  • Ben McLemore is making me look very bad right now. Seize the opportunity young man. Distinguish yourself from Hasheem Thabeet and become the first former lottery bust to break through in red!
  • 8-3. Wow. The Rockets will win 60 games most likely. And this time last week it felt like the world was ending.

About the author: Rahat Huq is a lawyer in real life and the founder and editor-in-chief of

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