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Daily Factoid: During the 2005-2006 season, Brad Miller dished out 6.1 assists per 48 minutes, the highest mark among all centers in the league. To put this in perspective,  Steve Francis averaged 5.3 assists per 48 minutes during that same season.

  • ESPN – ‘Bulls not sold on McGrady’: “One source close to the process told that the prospect of Chicago signing McGrady was downgraded to “unlikely” after the workout and interview, with the Bulls saying they wanted more time to consider other options. reported Sunday that McGrady had to show Chicago that he was sufficiently healthy and, perhaps more importantly, eager to take on any role outlined by new Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau — big or small — to join a young, promising roster that already has 11 players… Yet McGrady, when asked about coming off the bench, seemed to suggest that he expects to be more than a role player in Chicago.
  • ESPN – ‘Hornets GM confident Paul staying put’:Chris Paul is staying put with the New Orleans Hornets — at least for now. The Hornets’ star guard did not request a trade Monday in his meeting with new coach Monty Williams and top team officials, general manager Dell Demps said. Although Paul did not speak with the media, the team released a statement from him that indicated the three-time All-Star and Olympic gold medalist was encouraged by the Hornets’ recent coaching and front-office overhaul.”
  • Fanhouse – ‘Whether Chris Paul Stays or Goes, NBA is Losing Integrity‘: “As for now, when future generations ask whatever happened to that pro basketball league that once had all of those players in short pants and long hair who helped orchestrate the true meaning of ‘teams,’ folks will blow the dust from the history books and turn to the chapter entitled ‘The NBA summer of 2010: The loss of integrity… Integrity involves trust, and fans trust that most of the players on their team are giving every millisecond for their city, for their teammates — and for their fans.'”
  • ESPN : “The Minnesota Timberwolves have agreed to trade point guard Ramon Sessions and forward Ryan Hollins to the Cleveland Cavaliers for point guards Delonte Westand Sebastian Telfair. The Timberwolves say they will also send Cleveland a future second-round pick in the deal completed Monday night.
  • DailyThunder, on Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Jeff Green playing for Team USA: “I think being the alpha dog on Team USA will almost demand this next stage in development for Durant’s game. There is no doubt who is the best player on this squad and who is the biggest offensive threat on the floor no matter who the USA plays against. KD will be wearing a red, white and blue bulls-eye, which is precisely why he can become that much more effective and lethal of a player if he can continue to progress as a passer and creator of offense for the team than just for himself.
  • SB Nation – ‘Why Greed is Good’: “But as you know—as everyone knows—LeBron James, the elephant, obscured it all. The years-long buildup, the week-long buzz of back-and-forth rumors, the crescendo of LeBron’s narcissism, and the subsequent cascade of name-calling and wild predictions. He cast a shadow over everything. It all felt like satire, but it was actually about as real as sports gets… But, what’s our current reality? Don’t let LeBron distract you: This will be awesome. Really, really awesome… The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures, the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms. Greed—for life, for money, for love, knowledge—has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar paper, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A.
  • CelticsHub – ‘Jermaine O’Neal is the starting center for the Boston Celtics’: “The Celtics should be a better offensive team with O’Neal playing heavy minutes. And that’s a good thing, because the Celtics need to be a better offensive team. They ranked 15th in offensive efficiency last season, a shockingly low number for a team that was a few baskets away from winning the NBA title. They need to do better, and O’Neal should help in that regard.”
  • Hoopinion – ‘Jamal Crawford wants to stay; Childress glad to be gone’: “Jamal Crawford, the league’s reigning Sixth Man of the Year, has requested a contract extension from the Atlanta Hawks, according to league sources… Given what the Hawks have proven willing to pay aging shooting guards–$19 million to Crawford for his age 29 and 30 seasons, $124 million to Joe Johnson for his age 29 through 34 seasons–who could blame him?… Josh Childress spoke with Sekou Smith about why he left Atlanta: ‘I don’t think I ever got a formal offer. All I wanted was a deal. I just wanted to feel like they wanted me to be a part of their team. And I never had that feeling. It was always, ‘we’ll deal with him when we have time.’ Personally and professionally, I felt like I acquitted myself the right way. I came to work and did what was asked of me. and then when it came time to negotiate, it was like ‘we’ll get to him whenever we can.'”
  • According to Neil Paine, the most efficient player in the league against above-average defenses last season was, unsurprisingly, Lebron James. More surprising, however, was that Kobe Bryant was only 16th best, behind the likes of Joe Johnson, Danny Granger, and Marcus Thorton.

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  • I like the daily. Steve Francis is not the measure for assists. I gave him a ball to sign and he wouldn't give it back.

  • Alituro

    When the name Brad Miller is mentioned I get an image of a guy standing out at the elbow protecting the ball with the rest of the offense swirling around him, ready to drive, shoot or pass as he sees fit, and very proficient in all 3. Unfortunately there is not much of a library of BM highlights, but you can see in some of these his positioning: Also prevalent is him running on breaks and playing some D. I know he's up in age compared to his SAC days, but if he can give this type of smarts and effort for 20 minutes per game, he will be a valuable asset.

  • Jordan

    I am sure you will get to this in a minute but what is Yao thinking? With all the Chris Paul talk going on, even though we are not in the so called “hunt”, why would Yao say that about his foot? If you have not heard.… Yao is not sure about his foot.

    why would he say that when we have all these trade assets and are trying to build a contender around him? I am dumbfounded.

  • Kade

    No news or opinions about Yao saying this will be his last year unless his foot fully heals?

    Yao might quit if foot doesn't heal

  • Alituro

    At least Yao is giving it the season to tell… Hell if he can't complete the season healthy, I think his decision would be supported unanimously. All that tells us is that DM better get it in gear and give Yao the complete supporting cast he needs so he doesn't leave the sport empty handed.

  • For a moment I thought you were secretly saying, “I'll show you 'impact': Here, take T-Mac. Muhaha!” Phew! Dodged a bullet there.

  • Nobody is better than Jordan

    As they say, break the game but don't let the game break you.
    I believe Yao is trying to distance himself from expectations.
    If the game has broken him both physically and mentally, he may genuinely feel like keeping what's left of him in tact and just letting go. Ultimately, he's only acknowledging what everybody should know is a distinct inevitability and he doesn't want to project himself as delusional upon returning to the game. He's just keeping it real. I will take Yao's realism over Tracy McGrady's delusions any day.
    After starting a family and tending to other business away from the court, he may have realized he no longer has the passion for it anymore. At the same time, he could be playing everybody for suckers, but I think he takes the game too seriously for that. I really don't think he's going to mislead anybody about that. It's too serious a subject for him to just make an off-hand remark without having thought it through.

  • RFWC

    Reading Yao's comments from the espn/abc article brings to mind a few thoughts.

    First part of it is to reduce expectations for next season as mentioned in other posts.

    But another more important side of it is to manage his public image in China.

    Yao has been the quintessential good citizen. Give him marching orders and he will play in whatever tournament asked to represent China. Naturally a team with Yao will perform well. It gives the national team managers immediate recognition as a job well done. They can invest less resources to developing new talent (and be corrupt with government money, as the national team has with soccer). Yao knows because now he owns a pro team in China and knows how things work behind the scenes. But the national team without Yao exposes the team for what it is (despite all the big men the Chinese have). Turning on the national team now makes him look bad, but he has to do it at some time. In a way he's telling the Chinese that if there's enough public vitriol against him for not playing on the national team he will stop playing altogether. If Yao does not even play in the NBA, well, everyone loses. This is a case of acting like you're brain washed to die for your country versus having to manage your limited physical abilities to achieve personal vs. national goals.

    In these comments I hear Yao coming to grips with the tough decisions he has to make at some point in his career. He cannot play forever, or even all year round. He has made up his mind. It's now up to the chinese national basketball team to decide how they want to manage Yao's decision (not play in London 2012). Do they want to portray him as a someone poisoned by western principle of greed, or allow him to pursue his personal goals? The chinese national basketball team used to say things like Yao is 'on loan' to the Rockets. But now Yao doesn't need to play for money and he can buy his own team. Is he still a subject of the country and 'his talents given by the mother country' or is he allowed to take whatever he has left to further not only his own cause but that of a billion people who would like to see him triumph on the world stage? In a way, with Morey's accomplishment to build a good team around him has made the decision more difficult. I think Yao got a taste of how close they were to a championship in the laker series they lost last year. The what-if's are creeping in. What if he had taken the summer off before? Would he be wearing a ring now? This time around the decision is his.

  • Sir_Thursday

    Hi Royce,

    Thanks for doing the summary – some interesting articles there! Just a small nitpick – I found the summary of Andrew Sharp's article you posted a bit confusing, and had to read the whole article to figure out what he was actually talking about. I think it was the sudden segue into Gordon Gekko with no real explanation.



  • RL

    I kinda agree with RFWC. Those comments from Yao seem to be more targetted to lower expection from the Chinese National team and trying to get Chinese basketball program managers to get their acts together.

  • Royce_chang

    Hey Sir_Thursday, thanks for the heads-up. I'm definitely going through a learning process, and I'll make sure to choose my quotes more wisely next time around… which will be tomorrow.

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