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That’s More Like It – Earlier this week, Bill Simmons floated the trade idea of Omer Asik straight up for Ryan Anderson, which I expressed some doubts about. On Thursday, David Thorpe went on TrueHoop TV with some much more ambitious trade targets for Houston: Chris Bosh or Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes.

As Henry Abbott rightly points out, Joe Sports Fan looks at a Bosh-Asik trade, checks their points per game averages, and gets confused. But Asik posted a far higher RAPM (+4.5) than Bosh (+1.9) last season. Any player that brings similar value to Asik will clearly win the eye test over the big man, which will no doubt lead to backlash from casual fans of any team that trades for him. That may be enough to scare off any GM that is as concerned with making a mediocre or rebuilding team watchable than with winning a championship.

U Mad Bro?Dwight Howard isn’t happy about Tobias Harris wearing his old jersey number. Howard does hold almost every significant franchise record in Orlando, but jersey retirements are typically reserved for players who 1) are loyal to the team, or 2) win that team a championship. Howard should just focus on getting his jersey hung in the rafters at the Toyota Center.

Welcome BackAccording to the team’s site, Asik is back in practice. Now the team can start experimenting with playing Howard and Asik together, and we can start arguing over whether that experiment should be referred to as Howsik or Asward.

Also, everybody look at Patrick Beverley:

To wit: The average plus/minus produced by a Rockets starter stands at a robust +8.65 as of this writing. The two constants in the club’s starting lineup, James Harden and Howard, sport an average plus/minus of +9 and +6.25, respectively, through four games.

Other notables: Patrick Beverley leads the team with a plus/minus average of +10.5 per game and Houston’s preseason’s breakout star to date, Omri Casspi, has a healthy average of +7.25. In three games so far, Chandler Parsons’ plus/minus stands at +8.3 and Jeremy Lin comes in at +4

 Moment of Zen – Hakeem Olajuwon teaches Amare Stoudemire that the secret to creating space in the post isn’t in a powerful posterior. It’s all about the sneaky elbow.

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