The Rockets Daily – March 26, 2014

The crew of Hickory-High got together for a roundtable discussion on which matchups were the best/worst case scenario for some of the Western Conference contenders.  The Rockets had near-unanimous agreement on their scenarios.

Kraetsch: Best case is Blazers as neither team will care that they are giving up tons of points and Houston will thrive against a team not interested in stopping them from scoring. Worst case is easily the Clippers who have won all three matchups and are not only a team that will tear up a lacking Houston defense.

One writer opined that Golden State would be the ideal scenario for Houston in Round 1, while another decided the Warriors would be a dreadful matchup for Houston.

Personally, I like the standings the way they are.  Portland does what Houston does, but across the board they just can’t matchup with the Rockets.  The Portland backcourt has no one as talented as James Harden, their frontcourt cannot contain Dwight Howard and no one on the Blazers bench is as impactful as Omer Asik.  As for Golden State, the Rockets would still be favored over the Warriors (although, Jalen Rose would disagree) but Steph Curry’s shooting and Andre Iguodala’s defense is enough to make anyone nervous.  No offense to Portland, but Damian Lillard isn’t there yet and Wes Matthews and Nic Batum have never drawn comparisons to Scottie Pippen.

Isn’t he just the best? –

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