The Rockets Daily – January 3, 2013

Like A Rock – On ESPN’s Insider’s list of most immovable contracts, Jeremy Lin’s deal didn’t make the top 5, which is Amare Stoudemire territory, but it did warrant an honorable mention:

Two years and $16.7 million remaining for an average point guard. Because Lin was signed under the Gilbert Arenas provision, he is actually owed $14.6 million in cash next year.

 Turning HeadsOn Sunday I wrote about where Dwight Howard’s game is in comparison to his L.A. and Orlando days, on Tuesday they wrote about it over at Hickory High, and now Greg Anthony is talking about it on Yahoo. It’s becoming pretty clear that Howard’s malaise in L.A. is not going to define the rest of his career.

Juicy SportVU GoodnessAndrew Johnson at Hickory High has a new way of measuring turnovers, and it’s really good. Instead of measuring turnovers percentage as by how many times the player turns it over out of plays that the player ends (as in with a shot or drawn foul), it measures how many times the player turns the ball over out of every 100 times he touches the ball.

Dwight Howard and James Harden come in at 17th and 18th worst in the league by this metric, turning the ball over nearly six times out of every 100 touches. Harden doesn’t look so bad by the older turnover percentage metric because he takes so many shots, but this reveals exactly how often he really loses the ball.

Oof – Chris Ryan takes a good hard look at Chandler Parsons’ brand management in the latest Grantland NBA shootaround. It’s a little cringeworthy: Buffalo David Bitton clothes, Express watches, and Anta sneakers. Ryan writes:

Look, I understand that a yearly salary of $926,500 means you have to do whatever you can to make ends meet. While Jeremy Lin is out there buying a bed frame made of Swiss Pearwood with “Poison Pill” etched into the headboard, Chandler Parsons is living just enough for the city. But that doesn’t mean he should be abandoning good brand management.

Of course, the other way to look at it is that Parsons has made sure his brand reflects that he cavorts with models, is big in China, and wears exactly the brand of watch that guys who look like Chandler Parsons would be expected to wear. Long live the Hair.

Signing Off – Well guys, writing the Daily has been a heck of a ride, but it’s time to go. This is my last one, and on Monday a new guy will be writing these. I’ll leave it to Rahat to introduce him to you all, but suffice to say he’s more than capable.

As I wrote a few months ago, I’m giving up the Daily because I’ve got a kid on the way. I’ll still be around, writing the DwightLife series and posting in message boards. Be seeing you.

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