The Rockets Daily – January 10, 2013

This is why we watch – After last night’s action on TNT, Chandler Parsons made a guest appearance on Inside the NBA and we were rewarded with six minutes of what makes that show the Emmy-winning, must-see television that it is.  I was unable to embed the actual video into the Daily, but the link is definitely worth sitting through yet another Blake Griffin commercial.

No studio show in my lifetime has the balance, camaraderie and back-and-forth of Kenny, Chuck and EJ (and yes, even Shaq sometimes).  Taking that format and dropping one of the league’s most unique and charming personalities into that setting is a recipe for success.  Some of the highlights:

:05 – Right off the bat we get a quote from Mr. Parsons himself that gives a little insight into why he’s the gold standard of second round picks these days.  Goose bumps.

1:00 – Chandler discussing his ailing knee and the possibility of playing tonight in Atlanta, with a shameless plug by Shaq for one of his many endorsement deals.

1:25 – Charles says nice things about Dwight Howard.

2:37 – My favorite part of the segment.  Kenny, standing next to two titans in the annals of NBA history, ribbing them with the exploits of his (read: Hakeem’s) championship teams, which of course came at the expense of Chuck and Shaq.  Featuring a classic reaction from ring leader Ernie Johnson.

3:05 – A refreshing bit of honesty from an NBA player that you normally wouldn’t get amid all the coach-speak of typical interviews.

4:15 – EJ commends The Hair for the badge of honor hes currently rocking to commemorate Patrick Hobbs-DeClaire.

4:44 – Ahh, the vanity of models…

5:47 – Big sexy

Mascot Shenanigans – had a little fun had at the expense of the home team, including one classic overreaction from everyone’s favorite man-child.  My favorite reactions:  Omri Casspi’s 14-year old girl defense tied with Francisco Garcia’s stoic nonchalance.

Back next week – Due to a death in the family, I was unable to put the time into today’s’ Daily that I would typically prefer.  But we’ll be back strong next week, bringing you all the Rockets news that you need to know from around the world wide web.  Happy Friday, everyone.




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