The Rockets Daily – December 6, 2013

BirdMester, Part One –  Bill and Jalen are talking basketball again you guys! Here’s the video, and if you’re impatient you can skip it and read about what they say about the Rockets below the break.

On Omer Asik, who was nominated for LVP (Anthony Bennet won it) because of his pouting over Dwight Howard’s arrival:

Bill: He makes $8.3 million a year.

Jalen: I need you to ball.

Bill: Pick up the check, Omer, and then you’re going to play when we tell you to play. Or else give the money back.

Jalen: Correct.

Yup. They elaborate on this subject a bit more, postulating that while Asik’s attitude should hurt his trade value, his size and defensive skill will keep his value up regardless. I’m sure Daryl Morey is counting on it.

BirdMester, Part 2 – When Bill and Jalen discuss fixable unfixable problems, Hack-A-Dwight comes up.

And Bill shares a solution from a reader:

Every time somebody gets fouled off the ball, the team should have a choice. Either you can take the two free throws, or you just get the ball back with 14 seconds left on the shot clock.

Jalen likes Hack-A-Whoever because it forces players to raise their skill level. Bill hates it because WHO WANTS TO SEE THE GREATEST ATHLETES IN THE WORLD STAND AND SHOOT FREE THROWS? Ok, he just said he hates it because it’s not entertaining. Excuse me for losing my composure.

There Is No “Try” – Dwight Howard questioned the team’s effort after the loss to the Suns. Dwight always used the word “we” when referring to the lack of effort, but I think it’s easy to infer that he was thinking of his teammates. Still, I wouldn’t hold that against Howard. When you pull down 18 rebounds (effort stat) in a loss, you earn the right to speak up. He also showed some restraint in talking about the team’s dirty laundry.

“It’s just [has to] be in you. You can’t coach it. You can’t draw up plays or anything like that. You just gotta have it.”

Howard would not reveal what the obviously distressed McHale told the team.

“We keep that between us,” said the All-Star center. “We know what we got to do. We don’t do it, we’re [going to] continue to lose.

Supersubs – Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik get some love in this blogtable about the league’s top sixth men. John Schuhmann writes:

Ideally, I’d like a guy who can shoot and play defense. But I can’t find a bench guy out there who does both at an above-average level. So give me Ryan Anderson, an elite shooter who will complement the playmakers in my starting lineup. He’s not a good defender, but he can rebound. Depending on the exact makeup of my starting lineup, I’d also consider Omer Asik for rim protection.

Aldo Avinante gives the nod to Lin:

I like the way Taj Gibson has been playing for the Bulls lately. He is a really solid big man off the bench. He defends well, grabs boards and scores in an efficient manner. He knows his role and plays within his limitations. But Jeremy Lin when healthy is a great option as a sixth man because he can really run a team on offense — if he can improve on his defense he will be the perfect player off the bench for the Rockets.

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About the author: John Eby got on the Rockets bandwagon in 1994 and never got off. He is a public relations guy and recovering TV journalist living in South Carolina.

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