The Rockets Daily – December 3, 2013

All That Power – The Rockets climbed to number 6 in Marc Stein’s ESPN Power Rankings, leapfrogging the Clippers and the Warriors. Stein writes:

The three-game break imposed on James Harden couldn’t have gone much better. Houston swept all three without him and then welcomed back a fresher and more team-oriented Harden. Seeing his teammates succeed while he rested that persistently sore left foot clearly had an impact.

While the Stein-love is appreciated, it wasn’t quite as hot as the Schuhmann-love found in’s rankings. John Schuhmann has the Rockets at no. 5:

The Rockets have won eight of their last nine games, a run capped by Saturday’s win in San Antonio, their second fourth-quarter comeback on the road in the last week. The injuries are piling up (Jeremy Lin is out at least two weeks and Chandler Parsons is dealing with back spasms), but their defense has been better, having held each of their last four opponents under a point per possession.

Expect those rankings to dip next week, because that’s what happens when you lose to the Jazz.

Entertainment Value – If you’re anything like me, then you’ll find nothing more enjoyable than hearing The Starters discuss the McHale Inbounds Incident, even though it happened several days ago.

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  • rocketrick says 4 months ago I just love Coach McHale's gamesmanship on that out of bounds play that ticked off Popovich just before the half the other night! I've been to several Rockets games this season and it seems clear to me that Coach McHale is upping his game on the sidelines and is clearly showing signs of more passion this season.