The Rockets Daily – April 16, 2014


The Perfect Roster – Brad Doolittle put together an ideal roster, based of this year’s production and cap number, that would not only play great together, but also fit under the constraints of a typical GM’s allowance (75.7 mil).  LeBron was, of course, the main attraction and the rest of the list was made of guys you’d expect like Kevin Love, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.  The starting point guard and “Glue Guy”, though, may have caught some by surprise.

Glue Guy: Patrick Beverley

Few people seemed to realize the magnitude of the blow the Houston Rockets nearly suffered when it appeared that they’d lost Beverley for the season with a knee injury. Beverley leads the Rockets in RPM at plus-4.88, and also has posted 2.8 WARP on the season. His ability to hound opposing star point guards is essential, and while he’s not a traditional playmaker, he doesn’t need to be on this roster. Nevertheless, Beverley’s ability to knock down corner 3s gives him offensive utility. Finally, with a salary of just $788,872, Beverley offers as much bang for the buck as any role player in the league.

Snooze – Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose are in the middle of their Playoffs Preview, and while a lot of it has been silly back and forth, they have covered some interesting topics.  One of the items up for discussion today was their pick for sleepers outside of the top-5 (Miami, San Antonio, OKC, LAC and Indiana). 

Storm v. Beard – How much would it cost for YOU to shave your face?

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