The Red94 Podcast: Episode 34

In today’s episode, Rahat discusses Dwight Howard’s dominance against the Phoenix Suns, and also revisits the Goran Dragic free agency decision.

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  • Buckko says 2 YEARs ago

    JG it would be amazing in 25 years to see all their jerseys in the rafters with some banners.

  • since86rocketsfan says 2 YEARs ago

    Jones gets better every game and I believe he will be a star. He is very active and does all the intangibles like blocks, rebounds, and runs the floor well which lead to easy baskets for him. If he can get a solid low post game, he will be very hard to stop. He will have his hands full in the playoffs with all the great forwards, we could use Chuck Hayes off the bench.
    On Dragic, I feel that even though Harden will have the ball a lot, he would still be very effective. He is a great shooter, and he can also create his own shot, and passes well. He also runs the floor well, can play the two, and does not turn it over a lot. As a gm, you are continuously trying to upgrade at every position until you can get the best possible players. Harden and Howard are the best at there positions, thus getting long lucrative deals. I feel with how Dragic played when Lowry was out, and his playoff success with the Suns , that he deserved that fourth year. The bottom line is Lin struggled last year, was inconsistent, improved some this year, but is now a reserve. That is the main thing you must take into account , when you compare the two. Dragic has played great as a starter, Lin improved playing as a reserve, it is no way they should make the same.

  • thejohnnygold says 2 YEARs ago

    I completely agree RBF. I noticed it a few games ago and it has held true. It forces teams out of their defensive game plan and then everyone else can get to work. Jones has been on a constant uptick this season--despite his shooting woes from 3 and the charity stripe.


    His fg attempts continue to increase and his fg% is solid for a guy who scores in every way imaginable--inside/outside, assisted/unassisted, dunks, hooks, jumpers...he does it all.

    In his last four games, Terrence Jones has shot a combined 15-19 (79%) in the first quarter most of which has come in the paint. I chalk this one up to the coaches. They recognized a way to exploit the opposing team. Let's see how long it lasts. Compare that to 6 total shots in the fourth quarters of the same games going 4-6 from the field (he took zero shots in the Phoenix game so those actually came in 3 games). Clearly the usg rate plummets, but he is still efficient and effective.

    Rahat, I agree that trusting Jones in a playoff series against the likes of a Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph, LaMarcus Aldridge, Dirk, Love...ugh, the list is daunting....that trusting Jones against these guys is difficult. I fully expect him to get roasted by these guys. That's what they do. It's ok. He'll learn from it. He's got the tools and needs to develop them. Besides, he will give them their own problems on the other end. His confidence on offense is pretty high right now and he seems to have a green light from McHale in all aspects of the offense--even bringing the ball up court. You think Randolph, Duncan, Aldridge, or Dirk want to chase him around all game? No way.

    Like you said, he is young and I believe he shows no signs of having hit his ceiling. I agree, the scouting reports on him are not out, but given his all-around game and skill-set he should be able to continue being effective. There will probably be a learning curve as he has to adapt and adjust to what defenses are doing to him--but that's true for nearly all players.

    I disagree that Houston's window is 3 years, but that is up to fate not me. I have already said in another thread that I wouldn't trade him for anyone not named Anthony Davis right now (ignoring salary constraints). I hold true to that. I think keeping Jones for the next 10+ years has more value than losing him for Millsap, Love, or Aldridge (presuming these are the main targets). When you factor in everything--salary, age, usg % and fitting that in with Harden/Howard/Parsons plus what kind of production do we get at that reduced all makes me believe Terrence Jones will be manning the PF position in Houston for the next 10-12 years and....bold prediction...will wind up with his jersey hanging in the rafters next to Harden, Parsons, Lin and Howard. :o :D (ya know, cuz we won all them championships)

  • Mario Peña says 2 YEARs ago It's ok CanSayNOTC we are all used to it and that's the way it is. rocketsbestfan has been here a long time relatively speaking and well just think of it more as a conversation where the ole timer is trying to impart his old school wisdom and well that's rocketsbestfan. It's not like reading organized text from Sir Thursday or johnnygold, it's a different style if you will. Some things will never change but that was a good one, the address joke.
  • CanSayNOTC says 2 YEARs ago

    RBF, gimme your address so I can ship you an ENTER key.

  • Rahat Huq says 2 YEARs ago

    that's a good point RBF.

  • rockets best fan says 2 YEARs ago

    hindsight is always 20/20. considering what was on the Rockets plate at the time of the Dragiccontract talks it looks like a mistake, but forecasting the future is always guess work...........sometime you win......sometimes you lose, however the Rockets were able to limit the damage some with the Lin acquisition at the time so I don't waste to much time on what if's. as for the T-Jones analogy I totally disagreeon why his numbers drop during the game. I think when teams first start playing us they attempt to use T-Jones man to double D-12 or Harden freeing him for cuts to the basket. once he proves he can't be left alone his presence causes the floor spacing we seek. this is why the offense runs more smoothly with him on the floor. he must be accounted for offensively which alters the oppositions defensive strategy. while it seems most of his offense is in the first quarter his rebounding and defense stay pretty consistent through the game. he is young, but every time out I think helps him. I wouldn't mind seeing the Rockets bring in a veteran backup, but I am comfortable with T-Jones being the playoff starter. besides if D-Mo advances a little over this remaining part of the season I think we are better focusing our attention backup SG/SF and if Asik continues to act out backup center

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